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Aug 19, 2009 01:27 PM

Pho Barkley - Cherry Hill

I've been twice in the 5 weeks they have been open. I strongly recommend it for folks who are not comfortable ordering Viet. food. The menu is tight. Most of the dishes can be viewed on two plasma screens which loop pictures of some of the menu items.

The kitchen needs to work out the kinks. I was given the wrong order 4 times. The owner is nice and trys to make you understand to food and how to eat it.

Pho Eden is still the better pick, but if your looking for a nicer spot and are dining with a newbie it is worth a try.

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  1. In 2 visits you were given the wrong order 4 times?

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    1. re: rockhopper

      Yep. Happened once the first time and 3 times the second visit. Just huge miscommunication btwn wait staff and kitchen. They could not have been nicer about it. They actually gave me one of the dishes they brought out by mistake.
      The Pho broth was excellent. But the spicy beef noodle soup os not as good as Pho Eden.

    2. Pho Barclay
      1409 State Highway 70 E
      Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
      (856) 216-8050