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Aug 19, 2009 01:20 PM

Portland: Meander from DT to the Pearl--Breakfast, Brunch, Pastry, Lunch Recs

BF and I are headed to Portland for a quick getaway this weekend. We are staying at the Hilton on 6th in d/t (yeay, priceline!) and plan to make our way from there on foot/via public transpo as needed toward the Pearl District, exploring as we go. We plan to be at Fenouil in time for happy hour at 4pm, so in the meantime...any recs for breakfast, brunch, pastries, coffee or early lunch that would be on the way? We plan to hit Powell's as well. BF is a huge fan of hanging out at sidewalk cafes over coffee/wine, so anything like that would be a plus.

We plan to hit Pine State Biscuits on our way out of town Sunday, and aren't interested in the Saturday Market--been there, done that.


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  1. the Meander you speak of will take all of about 15 minutes! seriously, the downtown(to which the pearl is a part of) core of Portland is very small and compact. That being said, stops at Clyde Common,Ten01, Teardrop Lounge(these three places are what some of us like to call the Cocktail trifecta! all reasonable close to eachother and more or less in a straight line.) would mimic what I and some others do on a regular basis.

    1. Perhaps you'll instead be interested in the Farmers Market on the SW Park Blocks, which actually has fresh produce as opposed to hawker stalls.

      My favorite breakfast in the Pearl is Byways Cafe, a kitschy travel-themed diner. You could also go to Kenny & Zukes Deli (it's also a good lunch spot).

      For coffee, you've gotta hit Barista on NW 14th between Glisan and Hoyt, especially for vacpot coffee. There's also the Spella cart on the corner of SW 9th and Alder.

      And truly, any of the food carts (like the collection on SW 10th and Alder or on SW 5th and Oak) will do you well for an early lunch. My current favorite would be to get a Schnitzelwich at the Tabor cart on 5th and Oak. The food cart scene is quite lively downtown during lunch, and has received lots of media attention, so I would recommend hitting them up just to see what the fuss is about.

      The actual Nuvrei Bakery, which supplies pastries to the Stumptown Coffee locations, is in the Pearl, on the corner of NW 10th and Flanders. There's also Pearl Bakery near the Park Blocks. If it's sweet confections you want, there's Sweet Masterpiece Chocolates on SW 9th and Davis, Cool Moon Ice Cream on NW 11th and Johnson (which overlooks the same park as Fenouil), and also Via Delizia, I believe on NW 11th and Marshall.

      And not quite sidewalk cafes, but two nice places to sit and have wine would be either Ten01 or Park Kitchen. They're not the only ones with wine: go up north toward where Via Delizia is and you'll find Metrovino with their enomatic machines, allowing you to have some very high end wines poured by the glass.