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Aug 19, 2009 01:13 PM

Travelling I-20 D/FW to Shreveport, ultimately the MS coast?

In a few weeks, I'll be making a road trip to the gulf coast in MS.

I-20 to I-49 to I-10 to I-12 to I-10.

A few weeks later, I'll reverse the order for my return.

This isn't really a pleasure trip and will be made in 1 day (about 10 hrs), so unfortunately, venturing very far off-course for eats isn't an option. BUT, for the TX board - does anyone have any recs for breakfast or lunch/dinner, spanning I-20 from D/FW to Shreveport.

And if anyone knows of any "can't miss" for the remainder of the trip, I'll be most obliged for that too! Particularly for specifics (Creole/Cajun) in/around the Opelousas/Lafayette area.

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  1. I am making virtually the same trip the 28th. I am stopping at in Shreveport. Then Stricks BBQ in Hattiesburg. I normally start riding on the Longleaf trace at 8:30 ish and end up back at stricks around 1:30 ish in the afternoon. I make up for all that calorie burning at stricks. It's consistantly good, and probably rates awesome for a buffet, much better than any BBQ in North Texas but again not hard.

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      Thanks for the info! I may very well stop at Herby's on the way back - it'll probably be about dinner time and would be a great way to wind down the trip.

      With you having mentioned Stricks, I've heard of it from somewhere, but pretty sure I've never eaten there. I may make a drive up there one afternoon. I plan to try some BBQ at the Shed on the coast. It's also been around awhile with a good, long-standing local rep, although very recently it's been on DDD - w/reruns again and again and again - so if the big-head has set in, quality may have suffered. Hope not.

      Anyway, my departure is sketchy pending results of some medical issues with my mom - although likely the first week in Sept. Maybe we'll pass on the highway? If our time there were to cross, I'd meet you at Strick's.

      If you were to make it down to the coast, I understand the White Cap Restaurant has finally reopened (post Katrina) back on Hwy 90 (Beach Hwy). They've been a Gulfport landmark since long before my time. Nothing fancy - just good seafood.

      FWIW, unless you have your stops along the way already chosen, I've put a similar post on the "South" board. Hopefully, some favorable responses will appear.

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        I am wide open. I am likely driving out on the 28th and back on the 1st. If you see anything interesting please cross post here, so I can add the stops. If you see an XB with a recumbent hanging on the back that would be me. I drive through on my way to Florida multiple times a year so if you find anything interesting post it.

      2. re: irodguy

        Also another nice stop if dropping down from Shreveport south is in Alexandria. It's been a while since I have been there but it's always a good start on the Northern side of cajun country. Among other things there Alligator Parmesan is pretty good, odd combo but pretty good...

        1. re: irodguy

          My God! If I lived in Alexandria, I'd weigh 200 lbs! Snapper Pontchartrain is my all time favorite and that combo meal looks so enticing - but I'd be asleep 30 min. down the road.

      3. Nut,
        I just returned from the same drive 2 days ago. Here is my post on the New Orleans Board. That is where I got the good info.

        Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the suggestions I pirated . Just" returned from driving to the Florida beaches from Dallas. Stopped at the Old Tyme Grocery for PO Boys. We had the half and half and I'd give the nod to the shrimp as it was the best I've had. I'm usually an oyster guy. Chased it with an Abita Rootbeer. Yum. I found a website that two college kids from Boulder produced call "BoudinLink" (We love boudin and these boys have done and exaustive search and graded the places.

        We stopped at Don's specialty meats in Carancro on the way to pick up 5lls of Boudin for the trip and it was indeed tremendous. We also picked up boned chickens stuffed with differnt things such as shrimp Jambalya, Pork and Rice, Crawfish Etoufee. These thing were a huge suprise. We cooked them up at the beach and they were a hit. Lightly spicy with great flavor. The were so good we picked up 5 more to share on the way back plus another 5lbs of boudin.

        We ate a Prejeans for Dinner due to time constraints and it was pretty good, not great. We had kids in tow, and it was a good place for them. The seafood gumbo was great. Etoufee was a little cold, but was better heated up the next day. Thanks again for all the suggestions!

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        1. re: J.R.

          JR - thanks. Don's looks like it would be the kind of place we could grab a po-boy and hit the road without too much lag time. Prejeans appears to be right on I49 - or pretty damn close - and I'm seeing nothing but glowing reviews (and a lot of them) on several of the other boards. But looking at their lunch menu - it looks like they're trying to be all things to all people, which I tend to shy from- maybe a Cajun Cracker Barrel? Any thoughts?

          1. re: CocoaNut

            Prejeans was great at one time. The problem is that the chef died in an accident a few years back. Since this occurred it's still okay but not killer like it once was. They used to do a stuffed eggplant side that was great! I have worked for years to recreate it.

            I now normally go the mid route through Hattiesburg rather than going south at Shreveport so I have only occasionally hit prejeans that last three or four years. My last trip there was a year ago and I did not find it truly worth stopping.

            I think that Don's sounds more interesting that Prejeans.

            1. re: CocoaNut


              To Clarify. Don's is more of a small grocery store that has killer Boudin and fresh Cracklins, but no Po Boy. I'd hit the gas a little more btwn Dallas and Layfayette and take the extra 5 min. to go to Old Thyme Grocery and get a PO Boy. They were outstanding and very fast. We were in and out in 20 min and ate there. Many folks were getting them to go. Prejeans was just ok. If you had to do just one. I'd Pick old thyme grocery.

              1. re: J.R.

                Thanks for that clarification. I had googled Don's in Carencro and they showed a po-boy menu. I wonder if it may be set up like Jimmy's where you have to *know* that they make sandwiches..... ??? And I mistakingly thought Old Thyme was in N.O. proper.

                1. re: CocoaNut

                  Old Thyme is definately in Lafayette. It is right next to USL (Rajun Cajuns). It is about a 5-10 drive of the highway and is a very cool, local place with a killer shrimp Po Boy. I got a half oyster and half shrimp and the shrimp was better and I'm more of an Oyster Guy. We actually picked up boudin at Dons for an appetizer in the car on the way to Old Thyme.