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Aug 19, 2009 12:39 PM

Joseph Drouhin Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru 1969?

A local restaurant is doing half-off wine, and I noticed the 1969 Bonnes-Mares Drouhin for $905. I've no idea if the half off even applies to stuff like that, but I'm intrigued. I generally like what I have had from Drouhin's current incarnation, at a variety of price points, and I'm assuming that the modern company draws its reputation and success on a history of making fine wine. 1969 was also supposed to be a classic vintage.

Anyone out there with experience drinking older Joseph Drouhin?

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  1. it is a great vintage but how has it been cared for for the past 30 some years since release? I would shy away unless you were certain of the provence

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      Well, provenance is probably good; it's a well-regarded restaurant with a certified MS running the wine program. I'm mainly asking for any opinions on older Joseph Drouhin domain-grown wines.

      1. re: SteveG

        Is it a domaine wine? They own the parcel of Bonnes-Mares it's from?

        Drouhin makes wine for keeping, at least in the last 20-30 years they have. I have no experience with anything from them as old as '69, although I've tasted '69s from other people.

        But what it comes down to, especially at that price, is the restaurant more than the wine. Will they stand behind it?

        That's because any wine, from anyone, that's 40 years old, is a bit of a crapshoot. There're just too many things that could have happened to it, almost all of which are bad. If they've got a MS in there, ask him/her.

      2. re: Winemark

        You mean 40 years, right, not 30?