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Aug 19, 2009 11:52 AM

Any recommendations for Gothenburg, Sweden

Just looking for good quality regular fare, not top-end Michelin type dining on this occasion. I've read about a place called Smaka, which seems to have a good menu - any other suggestions?. I'll be solo dining some of the time

Also any food markets or stores worth a browse around (I know about, and have previously visited, the "Fish Church")

I'll be there for a few days next week (27th - 31st Aug 09)


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  1. Although it's too late for you, I was there the past weekend and discovered somewhat belatedly that most restaurants shut early on Sundays. For one awful moment it looked like we were going to end up at McDonalds, but fortunately found somewhere that stayed open til 11pm. Worth planning ahead for future trips.
    Fiskekrogen is meant to be excellent, although I didn't get to try.