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Aug 19, 2009 11:50 AM

Sheppard and Kennedy area recs

Hi All

I'm looking for any recommendations in the general vicinity of Sheppard and Kennedy and maybe a few klicks in any direction from there. Looking for things that are preferably in the lower cost range rather than the high end and food quality trumps decor by a mile.


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  1. I like the Orchid Garden restaurant right in Agincourt Mall. I nearly always get the philly beef sandwich -- real cheese, beef, sauteed onions and peppers. It's too smothered in cheese to pick up and eat, but oh, so good. I get the homefries, since their french fries are just average (both frozen, McCain's type, but the homefries are crispier). Their prime rib -- on a bun or as a dinner -- is very good. This place can be quite inexpensive or a little pricier, depending what you order.

    For a really cheap meal, go to the Chinese bakery that's kitty-corner to the restaurant. $4 for 6 buns...can't go wrong. I always get the curried beef, barbecued pork and taro buns.

    Joey Bravo's, south side of Sheppard just east of Brimley, is good but a bit pricier. We like it for celebrating office birthdays.

    If you are willing to venture as far as McCowan, there's an Italian bakery/café just south of Sheppard on the East side (at Invergordon) called Franchesca. Great veal on a bun and other Italian specialties.

    Perfect Chinese restaurant, just west of Brimley on the north side of Sheppard (set back a bit facing east in a plaza) is quite good.

    There are some good suggestions in this thread as well. Though many are probably a bit south for you, some would be closer and doable.

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      Agincourt Bakery is mentioned in the link I gave you above, but I thought I'd mention it specifically. Their veal sandwich is apparently one of the best anywhere. I've never been, but was impressed that someone in that thread went after hearing about it, came back to rave about it and then went again later in the week. That definitely says something. I'm going to try to get there this week (a little out of the way for me, but not prohibitively so).

      It's on Pharmacy, north of Finch, on the east side.

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        A check of the web shows an Agincourt Bakery on Pharmacy, South of Ellesmere. Is the "north of Finch" a new location?

        1. re: T Long

          This is the one I was talking about:

          I don't know anything about the other one. As I said, I haven't been there myself.

          As far as I can tell, there's a Google hit for the bakery that comes up showing a map with the wrong coordinates. If you click on the link (not the map), it takes you to the location north of Finch.

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            Thanks....I will also be checking out this place.

        2. re: CeeQueue

          Update: I tried the veal sandwich at Agincourt bakery and it was delicous. It's the type where the meat sits in tomato sauce until it's ordered, so it's not crispy like a schnitzel (gotta try me one of those soon). The sauce was tasty, the bun sturdy enough to hold up to the toppings and the toppings were also good, though they put so many on that the meat kept sliding out while I was trying to eat the sandwich — though the bun didn't get soggy.

          I also finally tried the veal sandwich at Calabria Bakery (Midland, south of Ellesmere) and found it equally as tasty. The toppings are all included when you order their sandwich, so the price was a little better than at Agincourt.

          1. re: CeeQueue

            Hi CeeQueue: I actually walked into this place a few weeks ago to check it out...but could not push myself into buying the sandwich. Just didn't look that appealing to me somehow. I sure you are right about the taste, and maybe I will try it in the future as its not too far from home...

      2. I know I have said it before, but I like the Chinese Beef and Lamb restaurant. It is on Sheppard at Birchmount, south west corner I think (in a plaza). Not everything on the menu is cheap, but there are lots of options for an affordable meal. There are lunch specials too, if you are in the area for lunch.

        1. Wonton Chai Noodle
          4400 Sheppard Ave. East, Unit 6-8 (just West of Brimley)
          (416) 335-6326

          Good soup noodles with shrimp wontons. Fast and very reasonably priced (I think $4.25).

          1. If you're willing to drive a bit east to McCowan, you could go to Babu for Sri Lankan this board for more info on Babu.

            1. Cafe Michi for good decent Japanese food at Sheppard and Pharmacy.

              There's also great Chinese ( Cantonese) at Maple Yip, Sheppard and Midland. Great 'wok-hay' stirred fry.

              The Chicken and Noodle house ( aka Jun Jun in Cantonese pronounciation) at corner of Sheppard and Glen Watford next to the railway bridge serves the 'most authentic Hong Kong style won-ton noodle' in town. Their flame broiled dried flounder based broth and the use of traditional condiments of shrimp eggs and yellowing chives are light years ahead of their competitors in taste! Very reasonable price!

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                Hey Charles, I'm surprised you didn't mention Fantasy Eatery! That's a just a short drive from there, on Midland, just north of Finch. Just do a search on "Charles Yu" and "Fantasy Eatery" and you'll get lots of good dish reco's.

                Also Szechuan Legend is in that area, but someone mentioned that the chef may have moved to Hot Spicy Spicy (I haven't tried it in the past few mths).

                For some hearty mainland China dishes, there's also the Old House near Sheppard, just east of Midland. We also have their fillets of fish soaked in pot of hot oil and red peppers, and some of the pan fried meat buns/patties.

                1. re: Royaljelly

                  Yes, you're right! Guess I was paying too much attention on ' Sheppard'