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Aug 19, 2009 11:33 AM

First timers

Hi! My wife and I are making the trip up to Quebec from Pittsburgh the week before Labor Day for a five night stay. We are looking for some guidance as to eating options:

We'd like to have one or two very nice dinners, three or so modest casual dinners, and some inexpensive lunch options.

We'll be staying at L'Hôtel du Vieux Québec at 1190 rue St-Jean. (Don't ask me what neighborhood that is in.) My wife doesn't care for seafood, so I'd like to either stay away from that or go to a restaurant that would offer my wife a good non-seafood option.

We'd like to eat somewhere that would offer a quintessential Quebec dining experience. Any thoughts?

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  1. As the name of the hotle implies, you're in Old Québec. For higher end, I'D recommend Toast! and L'Utopie in the top part of mid range there's Café du clocher penché which is honest and the brunch is simply delicious. La Girolle is a BYOB that gets good reviews while I've never tried it. There's also Moine Échanson that is the closest thing you could find to a wine bar and fairly priced.