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Aug 19, 2009 11:28 AM

ISCHIA/ANACAPRI--looking for great food in non-fancy setting

We will be spending a week in September split between these two places, with most of the time on Ischia. I am looking for great local food. I have a short list for Ischia already, including:

We would like to try both the seafood and the famous Ischian rabbit, and any other local specialties.

On Capri we will be staying in Anacapri so I am looking for suggestions in that area.

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  1. I dont have any suggestions, but am looking forward with interest to what folks tell you and to your report, since we will be daytripping to one of the islands in October and we really havent decided which one yet.

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      Jen: Glad to hear you have another Italian trip planned soon. There seems to be surprisingly little information here, or anywhere else online, about eating in Ischia. This is one interesting link that I did find, but you may have seen it--I wonder if yours in one of the comments in the section at the bottom..

    2. I found this link useful when we were planning a visit to Capri last year:
      Of these I can definitely recommend La Capannina, where we had the most memorable meal of our trip. We heard good things about Add'o Riccio in Anacapri but didn't go there in the end, it was just too hot to face the long drive.

      1. Take the short boat trip from Ischia to the neighboring low-key and lovely island of Procida and go to Scarabeo on Via Salette for a wonderful dinner out doors under an expansive lemon tree arbor. Wonderful food and setting. Top marks.

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          Jen and Erica -- we just returned from Amalfi coast in July and I have yet to organize my notes and contribute a brief report -- but I'm already looking forward to your report. My next trip down that way, we will not miss Ischia, since I have heard it is lovely in a low-key, quality way that I prefer. Have safe travels and great chow and report back.

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            Peggy: Will do! I eagerly await your report...thanks so much for the Rome info, too.

        2. IL FOCOLARE in Ischia is really a very smart tip that you received and, please, have a delightful pizza at GAETANO, maybe the best pizza in Ischia.


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            Will put Gaetano on my list....grazie mille!

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              Erica, have a great trip and looking forward to your report!

              1. re: jen kalb

                Thanks, Jen--leaving this weekend. I will report back without question. Hope we have good weather!