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Aug 19, 2009 11:19 AM

Sedona with family

Can you recommend anything for Sedona. We will be at the Hilton. Kids are well travelled and like to eat out. Would like something that locals like. Thanks

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  1. The Fork in the Road is on Hwy 179, just below the Hilton, and is good for dinner. They have a very reasonable three course prix fixe early dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For more casual, Los Betos is fast, fresh Mexican food with both indoor seating and a drive through - in the plaza with the Giant station about a mile past the Hilton. Tara Thai in Bell Rock Plaza is also nearby and very good. Red Planet Diner on 89A in west Sedona has good burgers and such with an alien/Mars theme.

    1. We enjoy Elote Cafe at the Kings Ransom Hotel..Cowboy Club..Garland's Lodge..for dinner.
      Yavapai at Enchantment Resort for lunch..make reservations for the guard to let you in.
      Coffee Pot and Wildflower Bread Company for love the Sedona Airport to eat for breakfast
      Love Rock Springs Cafe on the way to Sedona from Phoenix on the I-17..great pies!

      Have fun normalheightsfoodie..its one of my favorite places in the world!

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        All good suggestions, Beach Chick! It's best to get to Elote Cafe early (5-5:30ish), as there's often a wait as the evening goes on. The Airport Restaurant is right by the runway - there's also a hoppin' Friday morning farmer's market on Airport Mesa.

      2. The Coffee Pot Inn has an excellent breakfast. Sedona Bike and Bean has excellent coffee. I am jealous! Sedona is simply beautiful.

        1. Thank you for all of your suggestions!!!

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            Normalheightsfoodie--where did you end up eating that you enjoyed? We too are from SD with well-traveled kids. We ate almost every night at Elote. LOVED the food and could not get enough of it. Havent found anything like it in San Diego--especially that signature appetizer dish: elote. YUM! Can't wait til their cookbook comes out.

            1. re: nessy

              YUM back at you! I've heard that the Elote Cafe cook book is out and available at the restaurant and through their website.

              1. re: janeh

                Cookbook is not out til mid-september, but you can preorder from the website. Bought corn today at our local farmers market and will try to recreate that Elote recipe!! I'm assuming it's in the cookbook!

                1. re: nessy

                  My wife and I did our best to re-create the Elote at home. This led to all kinds of wonderful corn salads, and our version of the Elote is something we now serve every time we have guests. I could go Elote Cafe and just order three buckets of Elote and some margaritas and be completely happy.

                  1. re: Hombre

                    Hombre--I am very glad to hear that--I felt a bit weird going in there every night there were open and eating my own bowl of Elote each night. Buckets of Elote sound even better. I sure hope the real recipe is in the cookbood. I am going out on a limb after 44 years of eating and saying I think it is my all time favorite dish I've had in a restaurant.

              2. re: nessy

                We are leaving on Sunday, have not gone yet.

            2. We are changing hotels, we will be a the Hyatt. Thanks for all of your help. Keep the recomendations coming!