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Aug 19, 2009 11:19 AM

Breakfast and lunch near Marriott Magnificent Mile

Hi all,
Going to Chicago this Friday for a girl's weekend and will be staying at the Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. We plan to do shopping in the area on Saturday and need suggestions for breakfast and lunch/brunch. Doesn't have to be right on Michigan Avenue -- we are willing to walk (up to a mile), but don't want to have to take a cab. Thanks for your help.

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  1. My favorite place is L'appetito, it's right in front of the John Hancock across from The Cheesecake factory. They have awesome Italian sub/sandwiches, delicious desserts and gelato. Hope you have a great time!!!

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    1. West Egg is a great breakfast or lunch place (blueberry and cashew pancakes are to die for)--they have everything that you would want and are close to the Mag Mile--Ohio & Columbus are 3-4 blocks from Michigan Ave (one block north of the Marriott and 2-3 blocks east)
      Great prices too

      Another great place is Coco Pazo Cafe--St Clair and Eire (3 blocks north and one block east)--one of my favorite Italian places

      I always enjoy lunch at RL (Ralph Lauren)--great salads and light lunch fare and very stylish (in a Ralph Lauren way)--Chicago Ave and 1 block west of Michigan Ave

      Finally, I have heard that the L'Avaza cafe across from the Drake is stylish and wonderful.

      1. I second L'Appetito for lunch. You have to get the meat-filled arancini (deep fried risotto balls).

        Across the street from the John Hancock is Oak Tree. It's a cute place for brunch with decent food at the top of the 900N Michigan Ave building (Bloomingdale's building).

        A more decadent option of brunch or lunch is David Burke's in the James Hotel, which is only a few blocks away from you (616 N Rush). They have the best steaks, among other things. Their American dim sum brunch on Sundays is pure gluttony, and is top-quality food.

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          Thanks all for your great suggestions. This helps a lot! We also have reservations at Mon Abi Gabi (for a pre-theater dinner before show at the Apollo). Your thoughts?

        2. Vermillion restaurant is within a couple of blocks of your hotel. Vermillion always comes to mind as especially friendly to a group of girls. They offer small plates of Latin American / Indian fusion cuisine. Everything is very flavorful and very interesting.
          -Whoops. Update: I forgot that you are looking for Saturday. Vermillion only does lunch Monday - Friday. If you can fit it in at a different time, I think it's worthwhile.

          1. Hi all,
            Here's a Chicago food update from my fun, fun trip to Windy City. We had great weather, great shopping, great eating. We did a lot of touring so unfortunately our schedule did not allow us to try all the great suggestions you offered. We did have gelato at L'appetito, very yummy. The sandwiches looked great: I will try this restaurant on a future trip. One breakfast that we did have in the area was at Tempo. We had to wait a little over a 1/2 hour, and I have to say it was just OK. I had an omlette with artichokes, tomatoes and swiss, which was piled on skillet potatoes. Lots of artichoke, but it all kind of blended together. There seems to be a lack of early morning breakfast places near the magnificent mile, but I just might not be looking in the right places. However, for dinner one night we ate at Mon Ami Gabi, in Lincoln Park. It was delightful. I had steamed mussels and my friend had the halibut special -- delicious on both counts. On a side note, we went to see Million Dollar Quartet at the Apollo in Lincoln Park. Fabulous play about a jam session at Sun Records with Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash (check it out, if you will be in the area, it runs til Oct. 1).

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              Sounded like a great time. L'Appetito is definitely worth going for light lunch, or snacks, or the gelato. Another great breakfast place in the area is The Original Pancake House. The apple pancake can feed a modest family of 4. Yes, it is a chain. But good is good.