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Aug 19, 2009 11:14 AM

need help in indian trace nc outside of charlotte

going down this weekend with family - looking for good bbq joints and family restaurants with really good food.

any help is appreciated

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  1. Do you mean Indian Trail? There's a good barbecue place, EB's. I had heard a rumor that it closed but the Web site is still active. There's another interesting barbecue place called the Rockstore, between Stallings and Indian Trail that has a loyal following. And there's a Peruvian restaurant named Genaro's that I've heard very good things about.

    1. Indian Trail might not have too much to offer. Monroe, NC isn't too far.

      I went to JB's Midway Diner not too long ago and it was a good little off the beaten path, hole in the wall.

      1. There is a nice little place in downtown Matthews called Sante. Not too far from Indian Trial.

        1. Genaro's is located on 74 & Unionville Indian Trail Rd. It is very good. I never had Peruvian food before, but was pleasantly surprised.

          1. I love Genaro's in INdian Trail! I always use certificates when I go there. THe chicken is so delicious and I love the dipping sauces. My new favorite item to order is a huge seafood platter, with some sort of marinated onions on top. THe fried seafood is very lightly breaded, unlike anything I've had before.