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Aug 19, 2009 11:03 AM

table 8 - not sure service can get worse...

went last night with a few buddies. they sat us right away at a very good table and i was genuinely excited.

then i waited and waited and waited for a server. finally got one. then waited 10 minutes for drinks. the place was buzzing and i understand slow service, but this was ridiculous.

oh and the food - everything was ok, no standouts on either side.

no way this place survives...

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  1. Re: service, this sounds like my horrifying experience at The Standard Grill...Though the food was pretty damn good.
    Wasn't very impressed w/ Table 8.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      id actually like to read yr review of the standard grill...the menu looks excellent but the service issues keep me from trying it

      1. re: sam1

        Just posted on yelp, and will post on blog when I get home. Def enjoyed the food, but the effect that the service had on my well-being probably took a couple of years off of my life. That being said......I do plan to return at some point. If the service sucks the second time around, I'm done.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          lunchbelle, i'm surprised you like the food at Standard Grill. We went this weekend and, besides the pork chop, it was pretty much downright gross. The Oysters were the worst i've had in a long time... can't win 'em all i guess : )

          1. re: iFat

            Aside from the horrific service, I enjoyed my burger, fries and overly-dressed wedge salad. That really sucks about the oysters; what else did you all order?


    2. went there yesterday with a friend. 8PM seating, place was largely empty. Service was fine, albeit some missteps. Not slow service at all but they once did forget to bring out a drink. Otherwise, food/drinks came out promptly and waitors were diligent without hovering.

      Food I agree was fine, nothing to write home about. Octopus appetizer was good. I ordered the braised veal.. very different type of veal so I cannot comment too much on it.. I thought it was fine.. someone who is more educated on that particular cut might have something more intelligent to say. I wouldn't order it again however (too fatty/tendony for my own tastes.. next time I will go with something else (the menu did have a few items that sounded very interesting). My dining companion thought his dishes were fine.

      Definitely a beautiful space (I like the adjoining bar a lot) and a good place to do a drinks/dinner thing.. they just need to turn up the food a notch and fill out the space better.