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Aug 19, 2009 10:47 AM

Tremont 647--Just a Fluke?

Went to Tremont 647 on Monday for Restaurant Week. I have heard great things but would call my dinner "meh." I had momos, skirt steak and buttermilk panna cotta. Momos had a hard ball of pork in the middle, my steak was charred on one end and bloody on the other, and the panna cotta tasted like plain yogurt.

I so wanted to like this place and have read rave reviews. So tell me--was this a fluke, or is this how Tremont 647 rolls? Wondering if I should give it a second chance.

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  1. Can't comment on this place in particular - but I think it's the general consensus that you can't judge a place during Restaurant Week.

    1. I've gone to Tremont 647 twice before - once for Restaurant Week a few years back and another time for dinner last year. Each time I had the same reaction.

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        I too have not had the best meals on both RW and non-RW visits. It's a fun place but I go in with much lower expectations now.

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        1. I've had a roller coaster ride with Tremont 647 over the years. My recent experiences have been more consistent, generally much better since the chef/owner's shrinking of his number of restaurants back to one (he had as many as three places at one point).

          The $2 taco night is hectic but worthwhile, a good value. Brunch is very good, if you go in for the South End brunch thing. Sister Sorel, the adjacent restaurant, is more like a second dining room of 647, served out of the same kitchen, but has its own distinctive bar scene on certain nights (all boys).

          I'm withholding judgment on Tremont 647's bartending for now: they recently lost their longstanding bar manager, who kept their cocktail quality very high, to the Franklin Cafes (which is okay by me, as I really like those bars, and their cocktails have already gotten noticeably better).

          Restaurant Week is always a mixed bag; some places do it well, many don't, so it's an iffy yardstick by which to measure a restaurant's typical performance.

          1. Just to be a contrarian I will share my RW, and 647 history. 647 is where my wife and I had our first date so we return regularly and while she enjoys the food, especially the momo's, I am consistently underwhelmed. However we did go for RW as this past Sunday happened to be our wedding anniv. and I had perhaps the best meal I have had there in a while, taco night not withstanding. We ordered the steamed momo's and the jerk shrimp. I thought the steamed momo's were better than the usual fried offering and while the shrimp were a bit overcooked the seasoning was spot on.

            Dinner was excellent, my wife ordered the catfish with shrimp and grits. While not totally low-country authentic we both thought it was excellent. I asked the bartender to choose between the steak and the chicken and he suggested the BBQ chicken which I though was very good.

            On a side note the margaritas which I used to think were excellent and were the one reason I would go so much did not seem to be up to par, perhaps due to the recent departure of the bar manager.