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Aug 19, 2009 10:31 AM

JGelina tonight...what must I order?

First time at this restaurant and would love to hear suggestions on what to order, food and drinks. There will be 4 of us.

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  1. GJELINA. Great pizza. Lamb burger looked like it would be.

    1. Guanciale pizza. Grilled Radicchio. Anything w/ mussels. Anything pork belly.

      1. And the butterscotch pot de creme. Awesome. I think I like it even better than Mozza's budino...

        1. Must order: mushroom, goat cheese and truffle oil pizza.

          I also love the cavolo nero and the sunchokes. The pork belly is also great, but when isn't pork belly great?

          1. all of their vegetable dishes were amazing.
            the roast cauliflower was the best i ever tasted.