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JGelina tonight...what must I order?

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First time at this restaurant and would love to hear suggestions on what to order, food and drinks. There will be 4 of us.

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  1. GJELINA. Great pizza. Lamb burger looked like it would be.

    1. Guanciale pizza. Grilled Radicchio. Anything w/ mussels. Anything pork belly.

      1. And the butterscotch pot de creme. Awesome. I think I like it even better than Mozza's budino...

        1. Must order: mushroom, goat cheese and truffle oil pizza.

          I also love the cavolo nero and the sunchokes. The pork belly is also great, but when isn't pork belly great?

          1. all of their vegetable dishes were amazing.
            the roast cauliflower was the best i ever tasted.

            1. Pizza crust tasteless. I supposedly ordered a pizza with jalapenos, but there were no jalapenos, just a tasteless topping. Waiter seemed clueless when I asked if perhaps he brought the wrong pizza, so I just skipped it.

              Please skip the strawberry, rhubarb crisp crisp with vanilla gelato. Tasted like Pepperidge Farm frozen pastry with Hagan Dazs. One of the worst restaurant desserts I have had in a long time.

              The Sancerre by the glass isn't bad, although it is extremely pricey at $15 a glass.

              Very noisy. Hated the music they were playing. I don't mind the music at Mozza, but not this place. Guess I prefer Mario's taste in music.

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                Wow, our experience couldn't be more different: Love the pizza -- best "gourmet" pizza I've had in L.A. with the thin, charred crust. I've had the lamb sausage, which was spicy and delicious, and the eggplant variety, where the eggplant was nicely roasted and delicious. The grilled radicchio was garlicky and wonderful and the heirloom spinach salad addictive with the spinach tart from a hint of the dressing contrasting with the sweet grape tomatoes and creamy cheese. Butterscotch dessert lipsmacking spoonlicking good. We've sat out on the patio and have not experienced undo noise nor intrusive music. Gosh, with their popularity Gjelina doesn't need more plugs but, other than the wine, it is extremely reasonable for the quality, and I love that they let you order your food in small waves.

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                  I had that strawberry rhubarb dessert too and must disagree. I thought it was decent (not as good as the one I make at home) but still much better than most restaurant's. They use great ingredients at the restaurant. I did have to avoid the crust on the dessert; there was too much of it and not enough strawberry rhubarb. But Pepperidge Farm is an exaggeration. Their stuff is atrocious and full of artificial flavors.