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Aug 19, 2009 10:20 AM

what to do with callebaut 'chips'?

hi chowhounders,

i bought a bunch of callebaut bittersweet chocolate 'chips' at the bulk store the other day. they're great for eating straight out of the jar! they're a bit bigger than regular chocolate chips - slightly flatter and larger in diameter. they are MUCH smoother tasting as well.

however, i had intended to try them out in recipes calling for chocolate chips/chunks. but i realized something that has made me a bit hesitant. if i want to throw them into a chocolate chip cookie recipe, do you think they'll melt? i'm worried that these 'chips' won't hold their shape. is it possible that they're meant for melting purposes only?


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  1. I think I know what you are talking about, though I got mine from a crash-and-dent shelf. So far I just nibble at them. But they probably are sold in bulk for use by confectioners etc, and most likely will be melted. Mine were labeled as semisweet.

    1. They work fine in cookies. All chocolate melts when you make cookies. It will set back up as your cookies cool. This is the same chocolate as the bars . You can use them to make truffles or for any other recipe you would use the same type of chocolate in.

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        hi fritter,

        thanks for the info.

        i guess i'm just worried b/c i thought 'regular' chocolate chips have some kind of additive so that they stay chip-shaped...

        1. re: lilaki

          I can tell you I have used Callebaut nibs in cookies in the past and they worked fine. Will it really matter if they are not in the exact same shape once your cookies cool? Chocolate chunks are sorta free form any how.
          Give em a try. They taste a lot better than "regular" chips IMO. ;)

      2. I buy these from King Arthur. I use them anywhere I'd use a chocolate chip. They really take a cookie to the next level. My husband won't let me make cookes with Nestle anymore if I"m out of the Callebaut(I'm in AZ so can't get these shipped to me in the hot months...)

        1. Throw them in pancakes.

          I also use them sometimes to "spike" my hot chocolate.

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            Jose Andres (Spanish chef) uses olive oil in his chocolate pancakes.

          2. I have broken chunks of Callebaut and recently melted one in the microwave. It makes excellent chocolate drizzle over anything! I drizzled over krisrishere's almond squares. As if they weren't fabulous to begin with, the chocolate drizzle took 'me straight over the top!

            Got strawberries? Dip 'em!