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Aug 19, 2009 10:05 AM

Help with sushi Kyubei and Tempura Kondo


I'm going to Tokyo in a couple months. There seems to be alot of good restaurants in Tokyo but some are pretty expensive so I'm trying to budget.

How different is Kyubei for lunch compared to dinner? I know if another post they said the lunch was cheaper but didn't taste great. Also, I heard Midori sushi in Shibuya is pretty good too for the price, so should I just go to Midori sushi instead?

For I've tried Tsunahachi before I thought it tasted good. Does anyone how much better Tempura Kondo is to Tsunahachi?

Thanks in advance. ^_^

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  1. Many of those Ginza places are really really expensive. They are aimed at top business execs with big expense accounts. I would rather go to the Tsukiji Fish Market area which is near to Ginza and try any one of the many, many places just outside the Market gates.

    Often, at these very expensive places, you are paying for the atmosphere or the dishes they use. They often use special or expensive dishes or have only a few seats - and thus need to charge more. And also, lunch may not be great.... better to stick with dinner.

    1. Midori is good, but it's on a different level. It's one of the best of the cheaper places. Also, be prepared for a very very long line depending on when you go.

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        Thanks for the help. I guess I'll have to think about it so more. I was probably gonna try to do Midori for dinner because I heard the lines were less.

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          You can always try Midori in Ginza instead of Shibuya too. I'm not sure how the waits compare, but I did see over an hour for the Shibuya one on a Saturday afternoon.