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Aug 19, 2009 09:24 AM

blind test -- the tastiest milk is...

For many years, my wife tried to convince me that Lactantia milk was tastier than Parmalat. I was like "Come on. Milk is milk. And Parmalat is cheaper". But she kept on... so we decided to do a blind test this summer. We tried three 2% milks -- Lactantia, Parmalat, and Liberte Bio. To my surprise THEY ALL TASTE DIFFERENT!!! My final ranking turned out to be: 1) Liberte Bio; 2) Lactantia; 3) Parmalat. My wife's ranking was identical. Furthermore, we both thought that the gap between Libert Bio and Lactantia was not that significant compared to the gap between Parmalat and the other milks. My wife was right. No more Parmalat in my house. We might do the test again -- with Quebon, Natrel, PC Organics...

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  1. Do you get Lactaid where you live? It was the first Lactose-free milk I've tried. I'd be curious how it compares to others. The organic Lactaid was on sale for $1.49 a half gallon so I gave it a try. The taste was sort of neutral, but I find its effect on me is sort of mucous inducing. I know that sounds awful but I'm wondering if this is true of lactose-free milks in general.

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      Due to lactose intolerance, I've tasted all lactose-free milks in the past 2 years. The only one that does not have that weird taste/texture is the Natrel, in my opinion.

      1. re: nelya

        I second this. Lactaid milk definitely has a weird aftertaste! And breaking down the lactose into glucose and galactose should, in theory, make the milk slightly sweeter, but the taste should remain about the same (so I don't understand where Lactaid is going wrong). So Natrel, all the way!

    2. To save a bit of money, you can compare a lot of milk brands relatively quickly (though not necessarily with the same freshness, mind you) by just hoarding coffee milkers during a week's worth of coffee shop visits or whatever.

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        I've never tried Liberty Bio, but did do a blind tasting with Lactantia, Natrel, Parmalat, and Quebon a year ago and decided Lactantia was the favourite. It's also worth noting that the flavours in milk can change seasonally, I imagine mostly do to with the environmental factors surrounding the cow?

      2. I only buy organic full fat milk. This taste comes closest to fresh unpasteurized raw milk that I drank as a kid on my grandparents' farm.
        My personal faves are: 1) PC Organic Homogenized Milk, 1) Biolait Lamothe & Frères and 3)Liberté Bio. I've settled for Biolait from the Lamothe farm as I don't like shopping in the larger chains and because this milk is somewhat local (Drummondville).
        I recently got some raw milk. Ah the sweet childhood memories. I used some to make maple ice cream.

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        1. re: estilker

          ohhh... where did you get the raw milk? pllleeeeeaaaasse? :)

          also, I've been partial to the stuff they sell at Qui Lait Cru (Jean Talon) (I've also seen it at Valmont on Mt-Royal):

          1. re: bopuc

            There's a little arab grocery store in St-Laurent that sells raw milk. Bring your bottle. They have their own farm somewhere in Quebec... They also sell excellent (and cheap) meat from the same farm: chicken, beef, and lamb. You don't have to speak Arabic to buy raw milk but, from my impression, they only sell it to regular customers. For all the obvious reasons.

            1. re: CKO

              I know this is an old topic , but I was wondering if you could please give me the address of that grocery store in St-Laurent?
              Ive been looking for Raw milk in Montreal with no luck.

              thanks in advance!

              1. re: zazylife

                Same here....address please.
                Do they have goat / sheep milk as well ?

        2. HANDS DOWN, Grand Pre milk.

          It comes in carton boxes but is not in the refrigerated section (until you've opened the box it doesn't need to be).

          So tasty and rich without being oversatured and actually less calorie heavy than regular 2% (by like 10 cals but still). Even the 1% tastes just as good.

          It's the first milk that made me want to have a glass of it- without cake or cereals.

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            1. re: BLM

              Pretty much any grocery store - but NOT in the refrigerated section. I know Loblaws St. Jacques has it.

              1. re: BLM

                It's usually with the evaporated and condensed milks and I agree it's richer tasting.

              2. re: BoomerKid

                UHT Milk, i personnaly don't like Grand Pre, but my sister is a big fan of it.

                Same process as Parmalat Milk found in Europe

                1. re: westaust

                  The joke always used to be that UHT stood for Ultra Horrible Taste.

                  I always find I prefer Liberte Bio - though I don't buy it very often.


                  1. re: pyropaul99

                    gawds, I haven't touched the stuff in over 30 years: my parents bought some when we went camping. I was a little kid back then... and I thought it was so Ultra Horrible Tasting I've refused to go near Grand Pré milk ever since. UGH!

              3. I buy the PC 3.25% organic.... I like the taste, it reminds me of when I was a child living in a small town where the milk was from local cows and it was organic without being designated organic since the cows were pasture-fed on non-fertilized land except for the cow's own droppings.

                The taste of the PC organic also reminds me of the taste of the bottles of Borden milk that was delivered door-to-door here in Montreal back in the 50' & 60's.