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Aug 19, 2009 08:55 AM

How to say in Chinese

Google helped me find this website. I see the question from Diana about how to say allergic to peanuts. Can someone help me to pronounce and (have in writing, based on good advice here) for my upcoming trip to Taiwan "allergic to shellfish" in Chinese?
thank you very much. Any other suggestions for eating, etc while in Taipei (solo at the beginning) for work. Much appreciated.

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  1. 我對貝類過敏

    pinyin: wŏ duì bèilèi guòmĭn

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      This response is so very helpful and should make for a more comfortable first travel to Taiwan. xiexie (if I am writing that correctly as an attempt)
      Carol R - let me know if you ever need help while visiting Florida please:) PS- Have you eaten at the pepper mill in Vegas?

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        I suggest that you print out a wallet size card that says you're allergic to shellfish in Chinese in case people have trouble understanding what you're trying to say. If what Peter says below is true, maybe print "I'm allergic to..." and list all the types of shellfish you are allergic to.

        I don't have any food allergies *knock on wood*, but I am a server and it makes it much easier when a tourist has a print out of what he or she is allergic to. The last thing I want to do is make someone sick on their trip.


      2. re: pepper_mil

        Instead of saying "I am allergic to..." maybe it's better to just say "I don't eat..." I would say most people in Taiwan and China wouldn't know what to do with someone who is allergic to a food. But they would definitely understand if you don't eat certain foods. It's a more direct way. Also some of the sauces or soup stock may contain shell fish and the restaurant may not even know it.

        Also I am not even sure the words "貝類" denotes all shell fish, which includes shrimp and crab and lobster.

      3. You can buy allergy flashcards for about $5 each. Google that and you'll find lots. There are also free ones you can download and print.

        There is even an application for an iPhone..!.html