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Aug 19, 2009 08:13 AM

Second-hand stainless cookware - good idea?

I have been researching stainless steel cookware and had been leaning toward purchasing some pieces of the Cuisinart Multiclad pro. However, I just came across an advertisement for a used set of All-Clad, and I might go check it out.

Is buying used stainless a good idea? Is there anything in particular I should look for as far as how it has been treated? Will the warranty still stand?

I normally have no reservations about purchasing things second-hand but used All-Clad still costs enough to make me think twice about it. PLUS I will be ending up with some pieces I wasn't intending to buy as it is a set.


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  1. Clad stainless pans are extremely durable; the only things I'd worry about are loose handles, dents, and uneven bottoms.

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      I bought many of my All Clad pans at restaurant auctions and they are perfect. I agree about checking for loose handles and to place a ruler across the bottom of the pan to ensure that it is flat.

      If the pan is stained it can be safely cleaned with oven cleaner.

    2. I would have no problems buying second hand from quality brands like AllClad or Calphalon since they have lifetime warranties for most of their high end items.

      1. you have 2 distinct questions, or maybe 3. All-Clad is good, and buying it second hand shouldn't be a problem with the caveat that you inspect it first, or at least see good accurate pictures. The next question is, what's in the set. Some sets have pieces you might not use. Finally, do you get the best bang for your buck with All-Clad? Some people don't like the handles, and there are other brands like Sitram that might be just as good or better and maybe cheaper