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Aug 19, 2009 08:12 AM

What to do with grilled, peeled, deseeded cherry peppers?

I was planning on making cheese-stuffed peppers and fry them like those jalapeno torpedoes, but after going through the trouble of grilling, skinning, and removing seeds, it would be very challenging to stuff whatever little was left of the peppers. I'd love to hear what I can do with them.

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  1. Lots of different things to be honest. You could puree them with a little oregano, heat them up and add a little cream and make a very nice spicy pepper soup. You could mash them up and make a mild chili with them. Chop them and add them to a pasta or other salad. Add them to a mexican style casserole. There at tons and tons of options.

    1. A little EVOO, S&P, some provolone, a glass of wine or 2 and a stick of good crusty bread. makes a nice app.

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        Roasted peppers! Yummy. Both of these suggestions are great, and I would add my own of making a tapenade with black olives, sun dried tomatoes, your peppers, garlic, capers, oregano, olive oil, and optional anchovies for the adventuresome. I like to add a couple of drops of orange-infused olive oil for some extra complexity. I just throw everything into my mini food processor and whir away until it's the texture I want. We like to use this tapenade when making cheese panini. Cheers!

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          Sounds excellent, some nice bold flavors, this would be good on some crustini.

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            Thanks, everyone! These are all great ideas! I'll use them for my grilled sweet peppers instead. I just added some of these cherry peppers to sourdough to bake a cherry pepper parmesan bread, and while the bread was very good as usual, the cherry peppers made the bread too spicy for my taste. Made for a good-looking bread though. Guess I'll just use what I have bit by bit to recipes to add a little kick to the dish, just like Eating out in Fresno suggests.