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Aug 19, 2009 07:52 AM

Need Recommendation: Baltimore Private Sunday Lunch - Ruxton to BWI

I'm looking for a restaurant for private lunch after a Sunday baptism. We want our visiting guests to enjoy some good Baltimore food. Restaurant must be along the route from Ruxton to BWI so people can get to airport for afternoon flights. 15 adults and 4 kids. Would like to have a private area/room so kids can move around. Nothing too ethnic for this crowd. Italian okay. Around $25 per person. Please share your ideas. Thanks a lot!

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  1. You may want to consider Snyder's Willow Grove. It's very close to 695 and a hop, skip and jump to BWI airport. It's very kid friendly, relatively inexpensive, and can easily accommodate the amount of patrons you have designated.

    The menu offers sufficient choices so that anyone in your group can find something appealing. FoiGras

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      I send the Snyder's recommendation.

    2. Assuming your preferred traveling route is the JFX south through town to the BW Pkwy to BWI. And that you're looking for a sit-down lunch and not a buffet brunch.

      Perhaps Petit Louis? Or La Famiglia?

      1. Believe it or not -- Attman's. Open Sunday mornings and if you call ahead they could probably arrange tables for you in the Kibbitz Room. In addition to bagels, smoked fish and corned beef/pastrami iterations, they also serve eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.

        We were they last Sunday and it was pretty darn good -- plus it will put the "Baltimore" in your brunch.

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          I definitely second Attman's. Everything is fantastic and everyone in your party will have something to eat. You can introduce the kids to a Baltimore tradition - hot dogs wrapped in bologna.

          Warm corned beef, pastrami, turkey - you really can't go wrong and the knishes and other sides are great as well.

        2. Thanks for all the ideas! We tried Snyders and while the atmosphere is completely NOT us, the food was pretty good. It will work. I assume since no one suggested G&M that it wouldn't be a good place for this kind of get together. We need to stay clear of downtown since there is a Raven's game at the same time. Any new ideas will be appreciated.

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            If Snyder's isn't your type of dining establishment, there you can definitely eliminate G&M.

            One consideration is the Olive Grove on Hammonds Ferry Road (down the street from Snyder's). I doubt that it is your kind of place, but it may suit your requirements. You can check out their website "" They begin serving lunch at noon time on Sundays. FoiGras

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              The Olive Grove does a booming business, but I have no idea why. I've been dragged there a couple of times and was not impressed on either of them.

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              But the atmosphere of Snyder's ROCKS! It's like a time machine.

            3. Don't know why I didn't think of Joey Chiu's Greenspring Inn.

              When I lived in Ruxton my husband and I went to Chiu's Sunday brunch. It was quite pleasant, a decent variety of foods and about $25 per person (give or take a few $$). FoiGras