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Aug 19, 2009 07:37 AM

Jerk Festival Bridgeport CT August 22nd?

Anyone know anything about it and I do mean chicken jerk not you? Thanks

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    1. re: Jon1856

      They are threads with no words just the facts of where it is, I know jerks but I wanted to hear about if anyone knows about the chefs cooking the food and how it is .

      1. re: nbermas

        from an advertisement in the Fairfield Weekley

        Saturday August 22, 1-9 PM

        McLevy Green Downtown Bridgeport

        Caribbean Foods Including Jerk Chicken and Pork for Sale

        Reggae with Anthem & Mutti Lewis 6 PM

        Steel Band 4-5 PM

        Reggaeton 1 PM

        for more info call 203 334 7748


        1. re: vegas

          Music was great and the food was decent. I wish we had a BBQ fest around here with all different type BBQ. Vegas: Thank you again.