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Aug 19, 2009 07:13 AM

Spencer, MA?

I'm meeting some friends in Spencer next week. None of us is familiar with the area. Any chow recommendations for dinner?

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  1. Chef Sau is excellent chinese. I know people who drive over an hour to eat there. It's right on Route 9. Otherwise, there's not much going on in Spencer.

    1. If you can drive a little further, I'd recommend the Salem Cross Inn on Route 9 in Brookfield or Rovezzi's Restaurant in Sturbridge on Route 20.

      You could also go the opposite direction and head to Worcester on Route 9. Check out
      Hope this helps!

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        BTW, your "worcester eats" link doesn't work!

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          I am SO sorry.....I must have spaced out!!! It is actually

          Hope it helps you out a bit! Sorry about that!

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            Would be a great website for Worcester restaurants if it was up to date. I did enjoy looking through it though.

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              First glance and it looks really cool, I'm sure I'll be spending some time going through the site! Thanks for sharing!

        2. I second the Chef Sau recommendation, although they haven't been as good as in years past.

          Kaboodle is a decent restaurant/pizza place, although they are more restaurant (sit-down with waiter). The owner does a decent job of coming up with decent meals, a few weeks ago I had a "Curry Haddock" dish over pasta that was surprisingly good! Some of their Apps are obviously pre-frozen (and probably purchased) but I like the effort that the owner puts in to the dishes. They have a beer/wine license too.

          If you travel WEST down Route 9 into East Brookfield (about 7 minutes), there is a brand new Thai restaurant called "Thai House" that just opened a few weeks ago that is FANTASTIC! They have been packed pretty much every night (including Mondays), and when I tried them I found them to be better than ALL the local Thai joints (Worcester, Sturbridge, etc). I need to try them again...and again to be sure of how good they are, but I am very happy to have a good quality place in an area where Asian food is not that great (I live in town). As of last week they were still working on their liquor license.

          And while we're in East Brookfield, if you travel another 2 minutes west there is E.B. Flatt's that does the typical diner breakfast/lunch, but then changes hats on Thurs-Sat for some really good eats. It's pricier and the portions could be bigger, but the food is really well done and comparable to some of the nicer places in Sturbridge. They also have a beer/wine license.

          Hope this helps!!!

          1. I'll second the Salem Cross Inn, though it's in West Brookfield not Brookfield. They roast their Prime Rib on the spit in the main dining room. (At least they do when we go in January, might be too much to ask in August.)

            I'll go along with the rec for Chef Sau, never been there, but heard good things.

            And, I don't know how much how much time you've got, but Spencer is home to the Trappist monks. They have a store selling their jelly. Might be an interesting side trip.

            1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Much appreciated.

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                Hey jp! Don't sign off yet!

                Should've suggested The Castle Reataurant in Leicester. Right on Route 9.

                Most recent comments here on Chow seem to be from 2008, but it still gets a thumbs up! after over 30 years in business.