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Aug 19, 2009 06:51 AM

2 Adults 2 Kids One Night in Prrovidence

We are spending one night downtown on the way to the Cape. kids are 8 and 12 looking for something reasonable preferably in a neighborhood where we can take a walk and grab some ice cream. I heard providence has some great Italian so I think that would be a good choice. TIA

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  1. If you're bringing kids, I'd stick to the informal places like Angelo's. It's located right on Atwells, which is a good area for post-dinner walking. Bonus: there's a gelateria almost across the street.

    1. You could head to DePasquale Square (on Atwells Ave). There are several outdoor ares that would be kid appropriate. You can also go into Venda Ravioli and pick up some snacks and go to Pastiche for dessert.

      1. Depending on where you are staying, you could make the trek over to Thayer Street (East Side, Brown University) there are numerous options over in that area or up to Angelo's on Federal Hill (as mentioned) would be a viable

        1. thanks for the responses....we are staying downtown on friday night...anyone know if that riverfire thing will be happening and if it is are these restaurants in walking distance?

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            No, the rest of the waterfires for the season are on least the full ones, there are none (including partial lightings) scheduled for any Friday...

            1. re: beeenie

              Not on Friday. Next Waterfire is Saturday, Aug 22.