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Aug 19, 2009 05:31 AM

what do you do with your excess oil from fying?

I want to do more deep frying at home...well, not that much more. At least some shallow frying in a cast iron pan for fried chicken. One of the things holding me back is the use of oil and what to do with it after...any tips on disposal or storage of oil that's only been used once?

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  1. I filter and re-use until it gets too dark. I don't know if it is necessary, but I label the oil and what it was used for, fried chicken or codfish fritters or filhoses (fried dough), so I use it for a similar dish next time.

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      Do you refrigerate the used oil? I always just return it to the original container and toss it.

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        I don't refrigerate the used oil and I have never found that it degraded in taste.

        1. re: NE_Elaine

          Thanks!!! One more thing for me to recycle.

    2. When it is too far gone to do anything else with, save it in a plastic jug and use it to start barbecue briquettes. Works better than lighter fluid and is not toxic like lighter fluid.

      1. I do not re-use oil; I found that the flavors of whatever I've cooked transfer to the new food item. I pour the oil into empty wine bottles and cork them, then toss them. The exception is bacon grease. This I strain through a coffee filter and save it for the solid gold that it is.

        1. I (deep) fry a lot of catfish using peanut oil. The oil is strained, and refrigerated until next time...I always get at least 3 sometimes 4 fryings before it's tossed. ---- I do not re-cycle fried chicken oil.---- Bacon drippings are strained, and refrigerated.


          1. I actually use only one deep pan for shallow frying and so I keep the oil in the pan. Its a kitchenaid pan that matches my kitchen decor so I simply put it on a piece of decorative glass behind my sink. If I have used it to cook fish and I want to fry chicken or something else I will just drain the oil and put it in a large cup that also matches my kitchen colors and put some clear wrap over the top. My family is very frugal even though we don't really have to be, it just makes me feel wasteful to throw out perfectly good oil that can be used again for at least 3 more frying sessions. I don't strain bacon drippings....every part of the bacon fat is precious to me and my cooking. Just used up my last bit today in some sausage gravy for biscuits. Yum!