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Aug 19, 2009 04:46 AM

Fire Island? any good restaurants out there

I am taking my family to Fire Island next week, Ocean Beach area. I havent been there in more than 10 years and recall that all the restaurants pretty much stunk...Anyone know of any that are good these days? willing to take the lateral ferry to other towns in pursuit of such. thanks!

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  1. 'be advised that entrees at the Mermaid, in Ocean Beach, are half price on Mondays. make a reservation and sit on the deck.

    1. Matthews is always good and Maguires. Haven't been to the Mermaid in 3 years, but always liked it too. If you feel like hopping on a water taxi I like Le Dock in Fair harbor the best

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        Wow, Maguires is still there? I have not been to Fire Island since the early nineties.

        1. re: rolise

          truly not too much has changed....