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Aug 19, 2009 03:52 AM

Best Traditional Italian in Metrowest

We live in the Concord/Carlisle area, looking for the BEST traditional italian, like Veal or Chix parm, marsala,great garlic bread, you get the idea

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  1. Luigi's in Bedford is pretty good, but if you don't mind driving a bit, Vecchia Roma in the Nonantum section of Newton is excellent, IMO.

    1. Best of the old school Italian red suace places in Natick is Agostino's. Great parms, and red sauce. Wonderful garlic bread with melted cheese. In framingham is the La Cantina which has been there since the dinosurs left. Every Italain restaurant in this area is compared to the long lost Giovanni's. The closest thing that ive found to that is Fiorello's in Newton. Family run, witht he best red suace ive had anywhere, including rome. Their chicken limone (not lemony) and their breadsticks from pizza dough with marinarra and alone worth the trip!

      1. Il Forno in Westboro or Acton. Best old school italian around - plus its BYOB.

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          Thanks MABMAQ, we found this place and LOVE it.