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Aug 19, 2009 12:30 AM

Paso Olive Farms

We are going to Paso Robles soon. Any recs for olive farms to visit? We'd love some with a tour of sorts and not just a shop to buy things.
Any dining tips (not necessarily high-end ---we are thinking of Artisan, Thomas Hill Bistro along those lines...) that are just middle of the road yet enjoyable?
Do the wineries allow you to bring teens if you (obviously) don't let them drink alcohol?

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  1. Pasolivo at Willow Creek Olive Ranch is the classic. Very fresh oil with a nice piquant hit of white pepper. They have several blends including some infused with Lemon, Orange, etc. Try the lime in guacamole... Mostly Tuscan style with a Mission (California) and an interesting single varietal they call "Secreto" since are unsure of the variety.

    In town We Olive has almost all the local producers so you can try some of the smaller makers there. Some do offer tasting but you should try first before you drive all around.

    Plenty of links on the board for dining. But love Artisan and Panolivo across the street as well as many others.

    Most wineries allow children though some may make them wait outside the tasting room in my experience.

    Have fun.

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      Thanks for the tips! We were there this past week but...HOT! So never made it to Pasolivo but did visit Weolive--amazing! Such a place does not exist in San Diego. We tried every kind of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tapenades, jams lotions..etc. Spent a lot there too but so many unique oils and products. We got a big container of the Pasolivo oil which was just amazing and also an unbelievable balsamic vinegar they decanted for us. I've read that Paso is now to olives what Napa was in the 60's to wine and I do believe they may have something here. And that doesn't even cover the lavender farms and wine tasting and food (at Bistro Laurent) which were all marvelous. I can't wait to go back in cooler times and really analyze the vineyards and eat some more!

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        Glad you enjoyed. Come back and visit soon. Jan-Mar is perfect time. Cool, clear, and no crowds.