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Best Veggie Burger?

My votes go for

A. Real Food Daily if you get it well done with their cashew cheese, fake bacon, and avocado..yum. Great bread also.

B. Lucky Devil's...special credit for great fries.

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  1. You know, I was really excited to try Lucky Devils veggie burger after reading other peoples posts about how great it was-I was a bit disapointed. Too many nuts and beets. Still pretty darn good, though. And still better than 25degrees-I hate veggie burgers that try to taste like meat. The best I have ever had was at Dustys in Silverlake-but about five years ago. I'm sure the menu has changed since then. It was a tad mushy, but I didn't muind it. It was also coated in seasoned bread crumbs and fried-glorious!! I just had the veggie burger at Kitchen24-and it's a little different, but really good. I would call it more of a hummus burger. It needed a tad more seasoning, as it was a bit bland, but I would still recommend it. Also, Astro-Burger does a great Garden Burger (not to be confused with a homeade patty. Anyone know of a place that does falafel burgers???

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      Colony Cafe on Pico has one that tastes similar to a falafel. I think it's pan fried.

    2. haven't had the ones you mentioned, but my vote will ALWAYS go to the one at Houston's Restaurants. best veggie burger *anywhere.*

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          Garden Cafe at The Getty Center

        2. haven't been to the ones you mentioned, but my favorites are:
          m cafe de chaya
          the counter in el segundo

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            A very strong second for Houston's veggie burger. Never had one as good!

          2. Here's a curveball for you.

            Try the veggie burger at Chezz Burger at the Southwest terminal at Burbank Airport.

            It's probably a top 5 veggie burger if you compare it to the rest of the world, but in the world of airport food, it's numero uno.

            1. While I'm not a fan of their rotisserie chicken and my North Carolina roots make me de-tested their pulled pork sandwich, I think the veggie burger at Oinkster is pretty damn good. It's a house-made patty and can really hit the spot.

              1. Kings Road Cafe on Beverly has a really impressive veggie burger. I am generally not a fan of them, but I love this one, and it is the only place a few super carnivore friends of mine will bypass meat in order to have the veggie burger.

                1. I'm no expert, b/c I'm an unabashed carniwhore, and I do not like vegan type cuisine, anything with tofu or beets & sprouts for that matter.

                  But I do like the veggie burger at Tops, a fast food / diner type place I use to frequent when I lived in Pasadena. They have two stores in Pasadena, one on Allen, and the other on Foothill & Michillinda. I was partial to the latter, mainly bc I lived up the road, but I also thought their tuna salad was better, for some reason the other store adds relish, ick!

                  Anyway, the veggie burger is probably a standard, frozen Sysco thing, but for some reason, I really liked it, with cheese of course, and all the trimmings, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo. When I'm in the area, I sometimes go out of my way to get it. :)

                  1. Third on Houston's and also love the veggie burger at R & D kitchen on Montana in Santa Monica. Yes I know it's owned by the same company but the burger is different - though in the same vein i.e. there is a sweetness to the burger and a big puffy bun to hold it all.

                    1. I really like the veggie burgers at Good Stuff on Olympic near Bundy...I get with it grilled onions.. and I love the fried mushrooms.. when i moved out here in 1977 ..i used to love the veggie and nut burgers from the Old World Restaurant on Sunset but alas it is just a frond memory, When gardenburgers first came out I thought they were good but so many restaurants cop out and just serve them instead of making a fresh one and gardenburgers are kind of gross when all said and done.
                      The other day I tried the Samosa House version of a veggie burger..(I can't remember the proper name) I like it ..very different ..spicy...

                      Good Stuff Burgers
                      11903 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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                        Are they making their own at Good Stuff? One yelp review said it was a garden burger? I go to Samosa House all the time but have yet to get the veggie burger...

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                          they definitely make it there. i actually order a few of their patties to go. it's made with pinto beans, veggies, nuts, rice maybe? definitely not a garden burger. once you see it you'll know (elongated shape).

                        2. my fave thus far....the farm of beverly hills at la live. random, but it was quite good.