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Aug 18, 2009 09:53 PM

Upstairs on the square

Totally impressed with my experience at this restaurant! A little confusing about what dishes are available depending on what floor you are on, but don't worry. You will love anything you order. Our server was completely focused on our enjoyment of our meal. She made numerous adjustments to make sure we enjoyed our experience.

They featured vegeterian/vegan choices which suited my son (the vegan), as well as a fine selection of offerings to tempt the rest of us. We all had the $33.09 prix fixe "restaurant week" menu. Total home run. I love a restaurant that can take an ingredient that you don't think you like and turn your head around. This is such a place.

Please enjoy!

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  1. That is nice to hear. I enjoy that restaurant too and I heard that Susan Regis is back there cooking again which is always a good thing.

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      Glad to read this. I feel that this restaurant is very, very special -- not only is the location nice, not only is the look and feel very unique (creative elegance), not only is the food very very good, but the restaurant has a lot of interesting things going on from time to time, and really has a soul. And personality. Did you know they have dancing one night per month on the downstairs floor? It's fabulous. Also I can't remember ever being disappointed with the food or the service.