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Aug 18, 2009 08:48 PM

Dallas - Wolfgang Puck's 560

Interested in hearing others' thoughts on this place located at the top of Reunion Tower.

We tried it for the first time last month while in Dallas for the Coldplay concert. Really enjoyed it. The decor is very clean and modern, lots of sleek wood and glass - much nicer than I expected to find given the "rotating tower" venue. Food was upscale Asian fusion with every dish we tried having some sort of Asian influence, from Thai, to Indian to Chinese. My lobster in a coconut curry was very tasty and well prepared, although a bit too sweet for my wife. Her lamb was great as was a scallop and shrimp appetizer. The view of downtown was spectacular - it's hard to find interesting views in Dallas, so this is certainly one thing that sets this restaurant apart. Service was very nice. Prices were a bit high but appropriate - I expected to pay a bit of a premium for the location. Would rate this place well below my Dallas favorite, The French Room, but that's no insult and I would definitely go again even if only for drinks at their bar.

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  1. I like it too. We took our 10yr old daughter for her bday (her choice). We ate many small plates and sushi selections and really enjoed the food, view, and staff which was really helpful. Dallas needs to keep this place alive as we are just not a great resto city. Yes, we have some really good places, but we can't seem to keep the gems going and way, way, too many chains!. It's a great place to take visitors and children who are expericed eaters.

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      I went for restaurant week last night. I thought the place was very nice. The food was good but not great. I don't know if it was only because I was eating the restaurant week menu. Its just the same old asian fusion to me. Maybe I need to go back on a regular night.

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        "Same old asian fusion" - I don't disagree. Not much that was terribly inventive. That said, everything we had was nicely prepared and tasted very good. So, nice food in a nice setting with a great view = winner for me. Like I said, not putting it in the best restaurant in town category, but it's definitely worth a return visit.

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          Maybe someone who's been previously can look at the RW menu and comment ... it looked so extensive that I assumed it either was the regular menu, or most of it ...