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Aug 18, 2009 08:42 PM

Family Dinner @ Prune, Bar Stuzzichini, Landmarc, Pastis or ?

I know, all over the map but we're coming in to NYC from LA for two short days and need a good place for a family dinner. We'll have our 15-month old in tow, so we can't do anywhere remotely serene, though we'd love something delicious, preferably below 14th.

Have to say I'm a little overwhelmed with all of the options. Would love some guidance. Thanks so much!

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  1. How big of a group are we talking about (just 3 or more), and what time?

    Not everyone loves the food at Pastis, but I like it quite a bit. The mac and cheese is great, the salads nice, the raw bar is good, the wine is a good value. Most importantly for you, they bend over backwards for kids - far more than they have to. It is a solid choice.

    Prune is small and might not be right for your group. That said, they used to have a single table out of the way down the stairs that would be great.

    For something new, we took our 2-year old to DBGB and it worked well. I liked but didn't love the food, god beer and wine. And, it turns our kids love pate de compagne if you sell it to them just right (i.e., promise ice cream after!)

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      Oh we actually just cancelled our reservation at DBGB because I thought it might be too chaotic for our guy.

      And good to know about Pastis being so kid friendly. I think you're right about Prune being too small and maybe intimate?

      There's going to be 6 of us around 7pm. Now I'm deciding between Bar S., Pastis, Artisanal. Any thoughts on Artisanal?

      1. re: Suebee

        Are you thinking of Artisanal (on Park Av. S. & 32nd) or the new Bar Artisanal, on W. B'way & 6th Av.? I'm not a fan of the former. And if you're looking to avoid loud, it's probably not the best place for you. I've not been to Bar Artisanal.

        1. re: Suebee

          Prune is tiny and cramped. The kind of place where only one person can get out of their chair at a time. For a table of six, unless you get the single big round table downstairs, you might be too close to your neighbors for comfort.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks for your input, Kathryn. I think I've decided on Pastis which seems safest for our group. We may do Prune for breakfast instead.

      2. Of the choices you mention, Bar Stuzzichini would be the most appropriate for a "family dinner" There are lots of delicious options for food, the atmosphere is casual, and it would most easily accomodate a 15-month old.