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Aug 18, 2009 08:06 PM

40th birthday - home dining w/friends - seattle provisions recommendations

Hi. Having my 40th birthday dinner at home and looking for some wonderful Seattle provisions to make for an easy dinner feeding 9 adults. I'd like to put together a Seattle / New American meal. Here are some ideas so far:

Salumi salami plate
Macrina bread
Trophy Cupcakes
Molly Moon's Ice Cream
Washington red/white wine

Where's your favorite smoked salmon come from? Other ideas? Best marinated vegetables and/or salads? Favorite Seattle cheese? My bday is Saturday so I may head to the University Farmer's Market or go to Pike Place (and City Kitchen's sale!).

I'd love to hear about your favorite Seattle provisions not only because its my birthday but also because we just moved home to Seattle after being out of the state for 3 years and I'm interested to see what's new and exciting.

Thank you!

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  1. Smoked salmon from Gerard & Dominique (available at several area markets).

    Hama Hama oysters (at Central Market)

    Cheese from the Estrella Family (at University Farmers Market on Saturday, Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday).

    If your birthday falls a little later in September, the local chanterelles should be in the farmers markets by then. Sauted with shallots in butter, they are a wonderful accompaniment to a crusty Macrina baguette.

    1. The smoked salmon from Pure Fish is by far the best around. There are many great cheeses to be had at the market but you can also go to The Cheese Cellar for a great selection.

      1. Big john's PFI (take the free bus or tunnel to Chinatown station) is the motherload of Mediterranean.
        Yes to smoked salmon at Pure Foods Fish.
        Grab-up some fresh sausages for the grill at Uli's - amazing variety.
        Uwajimaya or Mutual Fish (get sashii grade snapper and a bag of limes = Ceviche)

        1. For salads/marinated veggies I'd pick Whole Foods' preparations. Yes, definitely the University Farmer's Market on Saturday morning for local cheeses from a variety of purveyors there. There are a couple of bread bakery purveyors too, that beat Macrina, IMO....Panzanella & Tall Grass bakeries. And fantastic local oysters there, too, from Taylor Shellfish.