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Aug 18, 2009 08:02 PM

Steak and Kidney Pie near Fortnum and Mason?

A friend is in London for work, and would like to try steak and kidney pie. She's working long hours and is tight on time, but is living right across the street from Fortnum and Mason. Does anyone have a suggestion for me to pass on in the immediate area?

Barring steak and kidney pie specifically, what good eats should she check out while she's there, that we might not typically find in California?

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  1. Probably the closest place of any note is The Guinea Grill in Mayfair. Not a cheap option, but the pies are well made

    Hope this helps

    1. I know there is lots of good Chinese food in California, but your friend can easily walk to London's Chinatown and find interesting places that serve food other than the more common U.S. Catonese style. Soho is also a short walk and there are lots of restaurants to explore there. Princi is a good Italian place with excellent breads, salads and other offerings.

      1. I'd second The Guinea or your friend could try The Windmill in Mayfair as well.

        1. Ipoh-style white coffee at Candy Cafe in Chinatown. (Unfortunately, their kaya toast is not up to par.)