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Aug 18, 2009 07:18 PM

Kung Fu Taco truck -- reports?

Just started offering lunchtime Chinese-fusion tacos, apparently. Sansome & Jackson. Anyone been? Hoping to check it out tomorrow.

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  1. Answering my own question. I arrived at 11:45 and had food in hand by 12:10. The line wasn't so long, but production is slow.

    Menu had five items:
    (above, $2 each)
    (above, $3 each)

    I tried one of each except the mushroom.

    All are served in a traditional taco style, on two ordinary corn tortillas with a lime wedge -- much more like traditional tacos than, say, Namu's Korean tacos on nori sheets.
    Pork: had the menu not said "cha siu" I never would have known. Small dice of not very flavorful pork with a "special Sriracha" that was sweet rather than spicy. Jicama shreds, too.
    Duck: a few small pieces, nice mix of meat and fat, with a hoisin sauce and scallions.
    Pork and duck both came with mango salsa, which I asked not to have, so I didn't try the full experience. Both meats were underseasoned and quite small servings.

    Beef: cubes of steak with carrot shreds, cilantro (I think), and a spicy, tart "Asian salsa." Tasty meat, and I really liked the salsa, but there was so little of it. More salsa would have given this one some needed flavor and moisture.
    Chicken: chicken pieces, heavily marinated in a gingery sauce before cooking. This was my favorite: the same "Asian salsa" complemented the sweet gingery chicken nicely.
    Portions of beef and chicken were more generous than those of pork and duck.

    Overall, I was underwhelmed, perhaps because I was hoping for something as unusual, rich, and strongly flavored as Namu's Korean tacos. I would return if I could get my food within 10 minutes of arriving in line, which might be possible if the slow process was opening-week kinks, and I would get two chickens and one beef. But I'd wait twice as long and pay twice as much for Namu's.

    SW corner of Sansome and Jackson, on the Jackson side, where the parking lot is.

    Eager to hear others' opinions.

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      I was underwhelmed too! Went today, by the time I ordered they were out of everything but beef, chicken and veggie so I had 1 beef and 1 chicken. The meat quality didn't seem great, the flavor wasn't that amazing, and the overall concept not all that innovative. Slow wait, and while I was waiting they had run out of absolutely everything - which was by probably 1:30.

    2. Just tried these, got there at about 1:05, they had everything, and there was no wait. We ordered one each of the duck, the pork, and the beef. The beef was by far my favorite, with a spicy (not really) sweet almost smokey Sriracha sauce - this one had the best flavor. only quibble was a bit of gristle. The duck was my least favorite, but if i had only had the duck, i would have liked it for flavor and texture. Hoisin was predominate but not totally overwhelming. The pork was tasty and tender. The meat portions are rather small, but I thought they were very flavorful, not dry at all - i've heard that they've taken the criticism and tweaked the meat. $19 for 6 tacos (the duck was more expensive than the other two.) I'd go back. I would like the option of making them more spicy. And a tad more meat. But three satisfied me just fine.

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        Oh, and the $19 included two sodas . . .