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Aug 18, 2009 07:10 PM

Boston: One day only - how's my list?

i will be in boston this weekend BUT for one day only! i know it's such a short time but we are going to a wedding in sturbridge!

our redeye from seattle arrives at 8am in boston, for friday this is what i have:

breakfast at scups - i read about this place on yelp, i see that matt and patty's is closed. is scups the best place to go?

coffee - being from seattle i need a nice cup of espresso after that redeye...whats the best that is close to our breakfast joint?

lunch at neptunes - i HAVE to order that lobster roll and a glass of rose

snack for the roadtrip out of town - where should we stop for a bite to take with us on the road to sturbridge?

thanks for your input!

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  1. If you to to Neptune for lunch and want a sweet snack for the road, Modern Pastry on Hanover St. parallel to Salem.

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    1. re: Carty

      Great thanks for the suggestion.

      So is Scups really the best place to grab breakfast now that Mike and Pattys is closed for vacation?

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      1. Never been to Scup's, so I can't comment, but my new favorite breakfast in town is the Friendly Toast in Cambridge, one of the few places in Boston that passes my could-I-have-easily-cooked-a-better-breakfast-at-home test. Coffee there ain't anything special, but it's fine.

        For a better coffee/breakfast 1-2 punch, I'd hit Crema in Harvard Square. Great drip coffee, very good espresso, and some of the best pastries in town. I love their egg sandwich on a homemade English muffin. Not a bad call for snack on the way out of town either.

        Other idea for a snack would be a banh mi at any of a half dozen places in Chinatown; my favorite would be the bbq beef at Mei Sum Bakery.

        1. In the Northend, you might try Caffe Vittoria or Caffe Paradiso for that expresso.

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            From a logistics standpoint, that would be the OP's best bet to go to the North End after Scup's. (I'm a Caffe Vittoria fan myself, if not for the coffee then for the atmosphere.) In between brekkie, coffee, lunch at Neptune and pastry at Modern or Mike's he could walk it off going to the historic sites (Paul Revere House, Old North Church etc).

            At Neptune the lobster roll is killer, but don't forget the raw bar items which are mighty fresh and good.

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