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Aug 18, 2009 06:05 PM


Need help.

Just ran out of our paprika from which lasted us a couple yrs and is absolutely amazing.

Acc to their site -- and sadly -- they are no longer planting due to "health reasons."

Hopefully whoever is not well there get better.

In the meantime what is the BEST paprika alternative you'd recommend?

My wife is of Hungarian descent, and we've tried lots of paprikas -- incl 4 of 5 diff varieties we bought 4 yrs ago in Budapest -- and nothing really compared to the little tin we got from Falls Brook Farm.

Thx for any help.

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  1. I really don't know if this link will help you but I'll offer it just in case... I have had very good luck and pleasant experiences with Penzey's spices both on-line and in their brick and mortar store in my area: Here's a link to their Paprika page:

    Also, I have recently found and ordered from Savory Spice Shop and liked them very much. Here's their Paprika page:

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      I second the Penzey's endorsement. That is my choice in all of Manhattan (Food Court at Grand Central.)

        1. I spoke to them recently and they may plant again in the future. Their paprika is pretty unique.

          I still have some, but am curious what surfaces.

          What about Kalustyan's?

          1. Took a look, Cook's Ilustrated likes The Spice House Hungarian Sweet Paprika.

            Penzey's was second, they said it more heat.