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Aug 18, 2009 05:59 PM

Similar sandwich to Paseo in Portland?

Hi all,
Heading to Portland for the first time over Labor Day weekend (I am from Los Angeles). I visited Seattle over July 4th weekend and had one of the best sandwiches of my life at Paseo - the grilled pork! Amazing. I loved that it was the loin cut and not fatty at all. Can a similar sandwich be found in Portland? I've heard of Bunk sandwiches but that pork belly one looks much too rich for me (I am a pretty light eater). Doesn't need to be a pork sandwich. I love chicken, turkey and seafood. Just great flavored meat on great bread.
thank you

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  1. Bunk, MeatCheese Bread, or Laurelhurst Market.

    1. The sandwich list at Bunk rotates daily, and some sandwiches are certainly richer than others. My favorite sandwiches at Bunk are the beef tongue sandwich and the pork shoulder with mustard greens, but others like the shrimp salad po' boy and the banh mi are also very very good, and none of these are nowhere near as rich as the medianoche at Paseo. (You may recall exactly how greasy your piece of corn on the cob was at Paseo... that doesn't happen at Bunk.)

      MCB would probably be your speed as well; the best sandwich there is arguably the Park Kitchen sandwich, but don't overlook simple sandwiches like the ham or the chicken salad.

      I'm a big fan of the po' boys at EaT Oyster Bar, and it's one of the few places I've seen that serves more than just fried seafood; they also have the debris po' boy filled with braised beef. Of course, I've got my eye out for Acadia, which only serves po' boys at lunch, and are only open for lunch one day a week, but they've got my death row meal: a soft-shelled crab po' boy.

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        Thank you so much for this. I actually don't really eat fried food so the po'boys are out for me. The pork sandwich I had at Paseo was the grilled pork loin so was really lean. Medianoches are too heavy for me with all that pulled pork and cheese as heavenly as that sounds. Seems like Meat Cheese Bread is my best bet. Again, many thanks!!!

        PS - I love raw oysters so definitely want to check out EAT Oyster Bar.

        1. re: bruinike

          My fave at Bunk is fontina caramelized onion mushroom. I love it.
          Bunk is very close to MCB.
          Have fun. Please report back!

          1. re: bruinike

            I'm a big fan of Meat Cheese Bread--in fact, I think I prefer it to Bunk. I would say that the things I've had at MCB are lighter than those at Bunk, if that's what you're looking for. You also might want to check out Evoe, next to Pastaworks on Hawthorne, for a sandwich that's not so heavy.

            1. re: Nettie

              Evoe is a great idea. Actually it's IN Pastaworks. If you pay by credit card, you even go through their checkout line.

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