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Aug 18, 2009 05:46 PM

Best Caribbean in Montreal

Time to list best Caribbean restaurants in Montreal. Separate categories for

Guadaloupe./Martinique I like delices des catherine on Not re Dame near Atwater (bestide Dillalo) Feels like good home cooking. Everything made fresh on your order. Not expensive.
Haiti (there is a restaurant on St. Denis near Rachel on the second floor that isn't too bad)
Jamaican Ma's Place or is that Trinidadian

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  1. My favorite place for haitian food has got to be Marché Méli-Mélo on Jarry between St-Hubert and St-Denis. It's basically a take-out although there are a few chairs. There is also Restaurant Flap-Flap which is nice near Lacordaire and Henri-Bourassa. When I order haitian food I almost always get the griot, red bean and rice combo. It is really good. For people who enjoy a bit of spice, don't forget the pikliz.

    For Trinidadian food, my favorite place for roti (which is what I am usually after when I eat Trinidadian food) is Caribbean Curry House on Victoria. I am partial to the boneless roti as I am unwilling to work through all the bones to get to my meat.