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Aug 18, 2009 04:37 PM

Comments on Susurlicious at Lee?

I am considering going to try the Susurlicious 3-course menu for $35 at Lee next weekend and was wondering if anyone can tell me what the menu included and whether or not they enjoyed it. I have been to Lee several times and have enjoyed all my meals there and was wondering if I should stick to ordering a la carte or trying the special menu. Any comments?

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  1. My my, it's becoming the summer to tack "licious" onto everything, isn't it?!

      1. Keep in mind that the menu has changed for the expanded two weeks, which started this past Monday. I'd check their website or call.

        My favourites were the scallops, banana chocolate cake and wandering poet sake.

        The lamb/carrot chutney/green curry dhal/nuts/mint chuntey was too playful. The individual components tasted fine, but they didn't work well in combination. I love the bold "mintyness" of his mint chutney!

        I was disappointed with his fries - very oily. His braised beef was also very bland though cooked to perfection.