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Aug 18, 2009 04:25 PM

Cold, cooked, whole lobster.... ideas???

I just became a proud recipient of a whole cooked (as of about 4 hours ago) lobster. So... what should I do with this bad boy? It's about 1.25 lbs, orangy-red, kinda cute in a crustacean-y way.... Oh, and how long will it keep in the fridge if I have to delay the feast? Remove meat from shell or keep it intact? Thanks!

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  1. It's fine to go ahead & take it out of the shell, so you don't have the cute l'il bugger staring at you everytime you open the fridge!!

    Cooked lobster meat should last about 2 days in the fridge. Tops. Simple is best. My favorite lobster recipe is to make a CT-style lobstah roll. Sautee the meat gently in copious amounts of melted butter. Serve in a warmed hot dog style bun, the kind that have split tops and white sides are the most authentic when buttered & grilled before adding the sauteed meat. But use whatever kind you can find.

    Or you could do it the Mainer style, and mix the chopped meat with a touch of mayo, a bit of minced celery or scallion, and a drop of fresh lemon juice. Either way, it's delicious and you are one lucky dog!!!

    1. I'd clean the meat out and eat it with some cocktail sauce If not today, tomorrow.

      1. Lobster roll with butter would be my 1st choice also, but the split-top buns can be difficult to find and time is a'wastin'. If you go that way, reheat it quickly in the butter so it doesn't get tough. 2nd choice - stuffed tomato with lobster salad. Chunky lobster, mayo, a tad of sweet curry, couple hours to chill again and to let the curry disperse. Add a little dill to the starburst tomato before you dollop on the lobster. Yum.

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          All the above plus, lobber macaroni salad, omelet or quiche or.......use philo and make a lobster strudel! Ach du lieber!
          If you want a really far out concoction, do icy lobster shooters w/ Stoly or Cuervo.

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            Oh, wow. I've had oyster shooters. Lobster? Mmmmm. Double yum.

          2. re: Veggo

            I'd like to reiterate what Veggo said about reheating quickly as it takes very little time before it gets tough.

            Don't forget the skinny little legs on the side; they have wonderful meat in them. I like the liver as well. You can use the carcass to make a great bisque.

            1. re: souschef

              I'll suggest another way to heat it up if you don't want the butter.
              Place the meat in a ziplock bag and run hot water over the bag it for a little while.

          3. Try doing a search for lobster spaghetti from Bix restaurant in SF, CA. If you have no luck, it's simply a buttered pasta served with warmed buttery lobster. Maybe a shower of parsley on top and a squeeze of lemon juice. (NO CHEESE, please.) adam

            1. Cape Cod lobster roll is cold with a little mayo and I added some lemon juice and a lightly toasted bun. Bought them that way and then fixed them that way. About 1/4# per roll. Mmmmm.