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Aug 18, 2009 03:35 PM

Feedback on ZED451?

I will be visiting Chicago in early September and a friend told me I can't miss ZED451. I haven't seen too much of it on the boards. I visited the website and it seems like there is a daily menu with what they call "Harvest Tables", or upscale salad bars. I did not find pricing anywhere on the website.

Anyone been to ZED451?

So far I'm planning on Lou Malnati's for lunch, Lou Mitchell's for breakfast, Avec for dinner. I still need another suggestion for lunch and/or brunch and dinner. We like upscale as much as local can't-miss dives. Our price points are $40-50 per person for dinner.


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  1. We have a Zed451 in Boca Raton Fl, which I have been to a few times. I think it will easily fit your $40-50 a head. It's all you can eat apps/salads which you help yourself to but nothing like a salad bar. Lots of small plates types salads with extra dressings, charcuterie and cheeses, soups, breads etc to choose as many times as you like then they come around with meats and fish to slice in front of you. I like the food there. They also have an a la carte menu at the bar which is good value.

    if you like strawberry and kiwi then try their martinis - unbelievable.

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      Smartie, I'm in Miami and I had no idea there was one in Boca! It sounds interesting and different. Is it like a brazilian steak house?

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        yes, it's in Mizner Park on the south west corner opposite Robb and Stuckey. It's kinda like a Brazilian steak house but without the atmosphere of one, being ultra modern. Food is good.

    2. They have a wonderful rooftop lounge at which I happy hour at least a few times a month. The food is good, but I would not put it in culinary masterpiece category--it's churasscaria plus. It's a neat experience, but if you're looking for great dining I would suggest the following casual fine dining restaurants after you go there for drinks.

      Within a 10 minute walk from ZED and $40-$50 for dinner (app + main) with one drink
      Naha - mediteranean infuenced new american from a james beard nominted chef

      NoMi - nice view, great food on 7th floor of park Hyatt, if it's nice out, sit on the terrace and have sushi

      Graham Elliot - avante garde (i just like to say that phrase) new american from an award winning chef who unfortunately got booted off Top Chef Masters

      Frontera Grill / Topolobam bo - gourmet regional mexican that I really like and Rick Bayless has been famously doing this for 20 years. He is also a finalist on Top Chef Masters which may cause even longer waits at Frontera (the casual side of the restaurant that takes very limited same day reservations).

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        Thanks for the suggestions! I made reservations at Graham Elliot for Saturday. My SO and I are not too crazy about Mexican food, so I think we'll be skipping Frontera/Topo. As for ZED, if there is one close to me in Boca, I'd rather try something else that is very "Chicago".

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          Go with something more "Chicago" like others have recommended. ZED was a Brazilian steak house that the just renamed and went a bit more upscale. The harvest table is great and if you are looking for a meat coma you won't be disappointed. I've heard other diners refer to it as "Eat Meat Till You Drop".