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Aug 18, 2009 03:13 PM

In search of sushi in Livermore area

Hello all,

I'm hoping to find a good sushi restaurant for dinner. I've tried searching this site, but can't find much. Out of all the sushi places in the area, which ones have you tried and would go back to?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Don't know, but maybe Chowhounds familiar in that area can comment on some of the following

    - Kawa Sushi Japanese Cuisine
    - Sushi-Ya
    - Manpuku
    - Sammy Sushi

    Hope you report back about whatever you try.

      1. Wasn't sure if I should start a new thread or not, but....

        Ended up going to Kawa Sushi on a week night.

        The service was brisk and polite, but a little confused and confusing. I'm not sure we had an assigned server or not. Confused: Someone took our drink order. We waited, not impatiently. Someone else came by to take our drink order. She seemed very taken aback that we had already placed our order. Confusing: It seemed like each time a different person would come by with drink refills, food, etc. But everyone seemed very nice. Though we did have to flag someone down the first time we wanted refills. After that, they just coming by and checking on us. The place seemed quite bustling for a week night. Lots of couples and small groups of teens. Not much take-out business.

        The food. We had nigiri sushi. I can't remember everything we had but let's see: tuna, salmon, mackeral, yellowtail, amaebi, ebi, eel, hotate, uni, toro, ika, octopus. There were a few others, but they escape me at the moment. It wasn't bad. It definitely wasn't great. The fish were generously sized, the rice tasted fine, most were well formed, but there was no wasabi dab under the fish. Everything tasted fresh, but it just seemed to lack something.

        Would I go back? If someone wanted to specifically go there, I wouldn't say no, but I think I would like to try some of the others in the area. Maybe I'll have to give Kanpai Sushi a try. Or Manpuku.

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          For the Livermore Area, Kawa is decent. I prefer to head to Pleasanton to Meiko or Sozo's as their fish quality is pretty good.