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Aug 18, 2009 02:38 PM

Pub or restaurant near waterfront in Edmonds, Tacoma, Des Moines, Olympia...?

Hi Chowhounds,

I need to find a pub or restaurant that's within walking distance of a marina in Edmonds, Tacoma, Des Moines or pretty much anywhere within a short drive from Seattle. It just needs to be open for lunch and walkable from a marina.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. HI SnackCakes,
    The Anthony's chain of restaurants are pretty much always located at a marina. There is one in Edmonds and many other locations on the Puget Sound. Check out this link for locations.
    The Budd Bay Cafe in Olympia is right by the Marina, and is a favorite of locals. Fabulous view.
    I'm a vegetarian & don't eat fish, so I have no opinion about the food.
    Hope this helps anyway.

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      Thanks very much! I hadn't heard of the Budd Bay Cafe; it sounds like it would fit the bill perfectly.

      1. re: SnackCakes

        I haven't eaten at Budd Bay for several years, but when I did, the rule was Keep it Simple. Ask for fish without sauces, get away from the menu if at all possible. They were trying to be upscale but they didn't have a clue. Maybe it has changed since then....

        But it sounds like you're on a boat. If the boat has a galley, consider buying the raw ingredients and cooking yourself up a feast. If you're in Olympia and enjoying a harbor day, the farmers market is right by Swantown and has great stuff. You can gorge on oysters and clams and salmon (and sturgeon, my fave) at a fraction of restaurant prices.

        Another note about Olympia: if you dock at the West Bay marina, you can have excellent beer and average but not overpriced food at Tugboat Annie's.

        1. re: yummers

          Good info, yummers - thank you! We weren't on a boat yesterday, but will be visiting these places by boat in the future, so the info is much appreciated. I do love cooking on a boat, especially seafood. There's nothing quite like sitting down in the cockpit somewhere beautiful in the Northwest, with a fresh, homemade seafood dinner. Heaven!

          We ended up going to Arnies in Edmonds. We were lured by the view and the beautiful, sunny day. The food was okay... they were generous with the portions of seafood (we all had seafood), but overall it was unremarkable and a little pricey for lunch.

          1. re: SnackCakes

            I like to stop by Jake's Bar and Bistro in Steliacoom when I'm boating. They have really good beer and good food. You can dock your boat close and walk. I boat up there from Olympia and have a couple beers often.

      2. re: apas

        I wouldn't go to Budd Bay Cafe to eat, their food isn't very good. It is a nice place to have cocktails though. You can dock there and walk to better restaurants like the Waterstreet Cafe or Cicada.

      3. My first recommendation would be Ray's Boathouse on Shilshoe Bay...inside or outside. Next door is Anthony's just in case Ray's is full. Excellent seafood plus many other options.