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Aug 18, 2009 02:03 PM

Marilyn Merlot 1988 ($2,000.00 ARE YOU SERIOUS)

So a friend of mine's mother has a bottle of 1988 Mariyln Merlot that has been sitting in there wine cellar since I would imagine the 80's. Always assuming that these were just novelty wines I didn't really consider that they had much value to them. I found the website and they are boasting this wine at $2,000.00. Is there validity to this? I mean this thing can't be worth a Petrus or Screaming Eagle!

Any information I can get on the subject the better

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  1. What P.T. Barnum said..............

    I can't imagine anyone paying that kind of coin for one of these "wines" but the value, if there is one, isn't related to what's in the bottle but what's on the bottle.

    1. People collect them. There cabnnot be many 1988's left now. If someone is willing to pay $2K then it is worth $2K.

      But you won'tget $2K for it: someone willing to pay that much would buy direct from Marilyn Merlot. But they may be keen to pay you $1,800.00 :)

      Suggest you keep good car of it, especially the label

      1. Yes..... as Gussie says, they are collectibles, like Elvis memorabilia. When I owned my wine shop I would get orders for each vintage from people around the US. They were always very specific that the labels had to be perfect and, if it was a case, that the box was the correct graphics and not damaged. I'd ship the wine in a styrofoam shipper and break down the case to be shipped separately in protective packaging. The wine, itself, is not great.

          1. I sold a bottle of the Frank Sinatra for $200 last year--- I imagine the bottle is the draw, not the wine,