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Best selection of non-cow milk cheeses?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for sheep or goat milk cheese. But not the "typical" goat cheese, rather more interesting selections. I've heard of things such as sheep/goat brie? Any suggestions of where to look?

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  1. I like to wander the various cheese shops in SLM, to get inspired. I've bought some fantastic Spanish cabrales (incredibly stinky blue cheese made from sheep's milk), goat's milk gouda, goat brie or camember (can't remember now), French roquefort, Quebec raw milk cheeses (goat and sheep) and many others. I enjoy poking through Kensington market as well, but I'm not as fond of cheese places that stack their cheeses in high display cases, being a short person. I can't see over the high display cases and it's tough to be heard, once someone actually notices me waiting my turn.

    Most cheese shops will have a wide variety of cheeses from different countries and animal milk sources. Be sure to patronize a place that will allow you to sample. You'll quickly move beyond your comfort zone and discover a world of heavenly tastes. Be prepared to buy, though. I don't think cheese shops take to kindly to grazers that leave with full bellies but empty shopping bags.

    1. Ewenity Dairy makes some wonderful sheep's milk cheeses that can be found all over town, including at the Dufferin Grove and SLM farmer's markets. I have yet to find one that isn't delicious. I'm also admittedly a total sucker for punny names like Ramembert and Mouton Rouge. :)


      1. Fifth Town Cheese from PEC has a stall at the Brickworks market. Each week he brings a different selection of cheeses, many from goat and sheep's milk. Nettles Gone Wild (camembert stye goat, Lost Lake-Chabichou du Poitou style, Lemon Fetish-Lemon Feta from sheep's milk). Great quality. Check out their website for more details.


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            I second this fifthtown recommendation, his cheeses are very good.

            Montforte Dairy also sells some very good sheep/goat cheeses. I am really addicted to this semi-soft ash-rind goat cheese they have been selling the last couple of months. Montforte usually sells at the Saturday SLM and I think I have seen them at Brickworks.

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              I visited the 5th Town shop in PEC recently and they told me that the Leslieville Cheese shop on Queen E also carries their products. I haven't checked it out for myself yet...
              So far every 5th town cheese I've tried has been delicious!

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                The stuff you are getting recently from Monforte at SLM is only a tiny sample of their usual product. Monforte had been making cheese using rented space at another fromagerie but they jacked up the rent beyond what they thought they could make work economically. So for the past few months they have been raising funds by selling CSA subscriptions so they can build their own facility, it won't be up and running until the fall. What she is selling at SLM is aged cheddar style from past production and a little bit of goat they are making in rented space somewhere else. Once they get back up to full production I expect to see amazing stuff from them again, in the past they made almost exclusively sheep cheeses but in the new facility they have secured suppliers for sheep, goat, water buffalo and cow milk, they may even have a little bit of mares milk...

            2. Thin Blue Line on Roncesvalles

              1. Love, love Alex Farm Products at Manulife Centre. Also there is a big cheese shop at Church and Maitland, they probably have a good selection too, but I'd always call ahead and ask.

                1. Wow, I never knew such a large universe of goat/sheep milk existed! Thanks for the suggestions. I'll start with the Brickworks vendors and then check out SLM. I've been to Alex, but only knew about their goat/sheep feta. I'm excited now!

                  1. cheese emporium at mt pleasant and eglinton. lots of import cheeses and very knowledgable staff.

                    1. Bought the Operetta and Lighthall Tomme from Fifth Town at the Brickworks. Wish he had more selection to try. I'm really enjoying these cheeses. While I'm more than happy to pay for good quality products, I'm suffering a bit of sticker shock at the $19 I paid for 2 100gr pieces. Look forward to trying some of the selections from the other recommendations next week.

                      Has anyone ever tried Fifth Town's goat milk cheddar? Or the sheep/goat yogurt and sour cream products?

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                        I hear you about the sticker shock but I think the quality is worth every penny . Better than Monteforte which I think makes a good product and nowhere near the same league as Upper Canada (maybe an unfair comparison since they both use cow's milk?).

                      2. There is a triple cream goat's milk round from Woolwich which is rich and oozing, and not extremely goat. About $6 a small round at Costco.