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Aug 18, 2009 01:18 PM

Birthday dinner - DNA or Graziella ?

Coming to town to celebrate my birthday with some good friends on Friday night. Looking for an interesting place for dinner that is not too loud, preferably in or near Old Montreal where I'll be staying.

Considering DNA, but wonder if it would be too loud to carry on conversation on a Friday night. Also thinking about Graziella - which has better atmosphere (hoping for cosy and lively but not too loud) ? More interesting food? Any other (better) suggestions?


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  1. i read this review in globe and mail last saturday and i think there was one in montreal gazette on saturday
    I was thinking of going there this weekend but seems expensive.....maybe more for special occasions

    1. I'd definitely pick DNA over Graziella for both the food AND the ambiance. Brace yourself for a very modern decor, but the food is rustic, super fresh and innovative, and delicious. The wine list there is also spectacular and fairly priced. The room has a bustling quality when the restaurant is busy, but I don't think it ever gets too loud to carry on a conversation.
      I think Graziella is better suited for corporate functions and business meetings. The food is ok, but definitely not as interesting as DNA.
      Also in Old Montreal is Da Emma which offers the option of dining al fresco on the gorgeous terrace. Great Italian food.

      1. I have looked at the menu from DNA on the internet and I would choose Graziella over it. I went twice to Graziella and loved it. It is less sensational than DNA but more up my alley. I do not feel like eating the heart and the "amourettes"!!! They are 2 totally different restaurants in my opinion. If you like good food, but are more traditional like me, Graziella will be more up your alley. When we went to Graziella, we were 6 people so we picked in each other's plates and everything was very good.

        1. I cannot speak for Graziella, but I have been to DNA twice. Both times were quite enjoyable.

          The decor and atmosphere are definitely modern (trendy & chic). If you prefer a more homestyle feel then you might find it a bit much. I couldn't really tell about the crowd because both times I went were earlier in the week. That said, I never felt out of place or uncomfortable. It wasn't too loud, the service was good and the food was well done. They also had an interesting selection of wine.

          Outside of your two restaurants you might also consider Club Chasse et Peche.

          Good luck!