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Aug 18, 2009 01:08 PM

Mexican or Italian in Manhattan Beach

In town for one night and looking for Mexican or Italian in the Manhattan beach area.

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  1. Too bad, since there are NO top quality Italian or Maxican restaurants in MB. That said, the best Mexican is probably Mucho on Manhattan Ave and best Italian La Sosta on the MB / HB border. Too bad you don't like Greek, as Petros is the best in MB.

    1. I like both Talia's & Mangiamo's for Italian.

      1. I used to live in MB, but moved in part because it was such a culinary wasteland after breakfast. (The breakfast options are good, to be clear.) Mexican or Italian food is tough in MB. Must you have one of those two? If you have any flexibility, then you should really consider Petro's, the upscale Greek restaurant in MB. This is not gyros or any of the common Greek foods - this is much higher end and very well prepared. You'll find lots of lamb and seafood on the menu. I've never had a bad meal there.

        1. I'm adding another vote for Petros. And they have one or two very nice pastas...Greek-influenced.