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Visiting the Upper East Side in a month

staying at a friends condo while he and family are away,, East 83rd at York Ave. Looking for suggestions on "chowhound " places to eat nearby,,, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Ethiopian, deli, great pizza,, etc. Thx!!!

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  1. German
    Heidelberg 2nd btwn 85th and 86th

    B Cafe for Belgian (moules frites, a good beer)
    75th/2nd and third

    Spigolo for italian 2nd/81st

    Pig Heaven 2nd /81st

    Healthy options

    Beyoglu for turkish- 3rd/81st

    Flex Mussles
    82nd/S Btwn Lex and 3rd

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      Please note that the Josie's on 2nd Ave. closed. However, the West Side location is still open.

    2. oh and i would venture the ten blocks to JG Melon for a burger

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        Or 10 or so blocks north for the burger at Ottomanelli (Lex & 93rd). If you are interested in cooking, Kitchen Arts & Letters (cookbook store) is across the street.

      2. Add Cafe d'Alsace on 2nd Avenue at 88th (or 89th?).

        2nd B Cafe (though I've only been to the one on the UWS).

        1. Wu Liang Ye (Sichuan)
          215 E. 86th St nr 3rd Ave

          But really, get an unlimited metrocard and go to the rest of the city.
          The UES overall is not that good for food.

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            Vermicelli for vietnamese on 2nd avenue between 77th and 78th.
            Finnegans Wake for a delicious burger. Old school Irish Pub. 73rd and 1st avenue.
            Al Forno on 2nd avenue btwn 77th and 78th for pizza (not by the slice, whole pie only)
            I agree with B. Cafe.
            Green Kitchen for diner food
            Sabor A Mexico for authentic tacos
            Sushi of Gari

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              ahhhhh Green Kitchen, best FF on the UES
              classic diner food

          2. Donguri, very close to you.

            1. Sushi - Sushi of Gari - $$$, 78th and 1st.
              Japanese Omakase - Sasabune, 73rd and 1st

              1. Agree with Joe MacBu. If possible, dont limit yourself to UES. That said, Elio's is great Italian (84th/2nd). If you have a sweet tooth, Two Little Red Hens (86th/2nd - right next to Heidelberg) - will certainly satisfy. One of top 5 bakeries in the city, in my book.

                1. There is an Ethiopian restaurant (creatively named The Ethiopian Restaurant) right where you're staying on York btw 83rd and 84th, but it's pretty mediocre.

                  Ottomanelli was a good burger suggestion, there's another location on York between 85th and 86th.

                  Agree w/ B Cafe, Gari, Sasabune.

                  For cheaper sushi Suki is a decent neighborhood place right by you on 84th and York and Gajyumaru on 87th and 1st is also good.

                  Also Beyoglu (81st and 3rd) for Turkish, but stick with the mezes.

                  1. Try Shalizar for Persian, right across the street from Beyoglu on 3rd and 81st.

                    1. Gobo for vegetarian (82nd and 3rd)

                      1. Pintalle's (sp?) Pizza is on York..west side between 83rd and 84th. Up at 89th and York Is York Grill... for above average dinner. Rhugetta is a nice small Italian on 85th just west of 1st Ave. If you ever want to eat in Dorian sea food right there at York and 83rd is probably one of the best fish stores in town. At 82nd and York is Ottomanelli Bros... known for their steaks. They also have some decent prepared and frozen foods. Check out menupages.com You can check out rests. by neighborhood with maps, menus, etc.

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                          Thx all, I really appreciate the great suggestions.. I'm a chowhound living in Houston (orig from Paterson NJ) and its great having all the restaurant picks for my upcoming visit. Best regards,, Jack