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Aug 18, 2009 12:16 PM

Singer Island- Best Seafood Spots?

My husband and I are heading to The Resort at Singer Island over Labor Day weekend. I have been scouring the boards trying to find the best seafood spots, and it sounds like our hotel's restaurant- Solu- is recommended as well as some other casual seafood spots- The Reef, Food Shack and Leftovers. If you had to rank these 3 (The Reef, Food Shack and Leftovers), in what order would you rank them? We may be able to only go to one of them.

Are there any other great local spots I'm missing?

Also- we'll be driving in from FLL airport on Saturday around lunchtime- any great seafood lunch spots along the way?

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  1. All three will satisfy even the most demanding person for casual seafood. I am partial to Leftovers since it is in a newer location and less wait since it it more out of the way.

    Reef Grill
    Food Shack - last only due to longer waits and smallest dining room

    1. I think you can't go wrong with any of those three casual seafood spots.

      That said, Solu at The Resort at Singer Island is phenomenal -- they serve Asian-Caribbean food that's delicous and unique, and the modern dining room overlooks the ocean. My favorite seafood dish there is the coconut curried snapper. The shellfish hotpot with chorizo and teriyaki salmon are also amazing!

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        Great! Thanks for the feedback. Are there any other great local spots that we've gotta try?
        How about anything on the drive from Ft Lauderdale?

      2. go to charlies crab on the island of palm beach for the freshest seafood and the best ocean front view- if you want a great local little place near where you are staying- check out a little pizzeria called pizza lino- it is on singer island and it delivers so you can have it in your suite- also they have free internet and the resort charges $18 per day! let me know what you think about both great places